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By: Sara Behmanesh, Tuesday, Hour 1

Our Mission: Use Music to revolutionize standard standard rehabilitation and therapy care

Throughout history, music had always been universally used to enhance health and behavior through its healing effects. Decades of extensive qualitative and quantitative research have identified the direct and indirect physiologic effects of music on our autonomic nervous system; research has also identified the specific areas where music is most therapeutically effective. Extensive research has proven music's ability to treat a wide range physical and mental ailments; its abilities meeting the standards of evidence-based medicine, recognized by the World Federation of Neurorehabilitation. However, despite its recognition, skeptics merely view music as an accessory. Its effectiveness has yet to be widely familiarized by insurance companies and medical facilities, as a cost effective way in providing therapeutic care.

Our society is devoted to supporting, advancing and raising public awareness to music’s therapeutic and rehabilitative effectiveness.

Our mission is to revolutionize healthcare through the integration of music with standard rehabilitation and therapy, providing a cost-effective approach to the government.

Membership Benefits

  • Welcomed to all NMTA conferences/meetings (w/ reduced registration fees)
  • Inclusion in all membership communications
  • Able to receive monthly 'members-only' newsletter and NMTA journals
  • Eligibility for NMTA sponsored grants
  • Eligibility for NMTA sponsored awards and prizes
  • Voting and eligibility to hold office to influence growth and direction of NMTA
  • Eligibility for exclusive insurance and liability plans

Fundraising and Spending

Our organization raises money mostly though fund raising, direct solicitation, membership dues and conference registration fees; however, we also receive foundation grants and federal grants. We accept donations from any organizations who support our project, yet we mostly rely on direct mail to solicit funds.

We use the money we raise to pay for research, run advertisements, expand our campaigns, and build a strong influential presence in society.

We also are interested in using the money to build a facility to further expand clinical education, while fulfilling our aspirations in building research collaborations with other organizations.

Who This Organization would interest?

  • Our organization would best interest organizations that are passionate for clinical research, as well as enthusiastic in revolutionizing healthcare.
  • Organizations that are passionate for research and development, are also highly recommended to join our organization.
  • We strive to target neurological professionals, psychologists, music experts, therapies, neuro-scientists, researchers and professors.
  • In the end, absolutely anyone who values our efforts and supports our cause, is recommended to join.

What it will take?

Our goal is to advance standard methods of rehabilitation and therapy, by integrating a musical approach. We want to expand public knowledge on these approaches, through social media as well as with the help of clinical facilities across the nation. With the government's help, we are hoping to implement new cost-effective approaches to treating neurological and developmental disorders, as well as aiding those with special disabilities in communication, cognition, or socialization. We are hoping to train neurological music therapists across the nation, and bring new cost-effective methods of therapy to the system. Our ultimate goal is to build a facility to further expand clinical education, while fulfilling our aspirations in building research collaborations with other organizations. With the support and growth of this society, we believe we can achieve great things.

Dedicated to Providing an enjoyable cost effective strategy in improving healthcare

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"The World Federation for NeuroRehabilitation (WFNR) is a multidisciplinary organisation open to any professional with an interest in neurological rehabilitation. The organisation exists to act as a forum of communication between those with an interest in the subject."

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This special interest group is made up of prestigious neuroscientists, musicians, educators, and therapists, all dedicated to taking the groundbreaking initiative of advancing the study of music in relation to the brain. They have performed extensive research over the span of 15 years, producing very exciting new insights and understandings of the relationship between music and our central nervous system.

There mission as stated:

"Purpose of the society is to further and initiate all activities that support, advance, and develop comprehensive knowledge and interdisciplinary exchange regarding the neuroscientific foundations of music perception and production as well as the role of music in clinical neurology for disorders of the human nervous system."