Eric Carle

By: Ian Dickerosn

The summary of my research

Eric Carle was born in New York 1929, his family were immigrants for Germany and by the time Eric was six the moved back to Germany. He had a very hard time in school not understanding the process of everything but he was inspired by nature and today using those stories that he made up in his mind about nature he puts that in his books today. today he lives in the Florida Keys with his second wife and his son and daughter.

The Mood that that all of his books

The mood through out all his it is all happy. It change through out the book but mostly it is happy.

Eric Carle writing style

I think Eric Carle writing style is not too many words and not too little the perfect amount of words. In an interview Eric said that he starts with a pretty much novel then simplifies it till it becomes his kind of writing style.