A Performance Worth Witnessing

In Praise of My Bed by Meredith Holmes

A unique performance with two ways to watch!

Ordinary poetry performances are boring and no fun to watch. Some might spice theirs up with creative vocal variance or different motions, but I wanted to try something new. My poem will have two visual accompaniments. The recital will feature my own unique interpretive dance, as well as an original amateur animation, drawn by me and my poor animation and art skills. Whether you're enjoying the poem or me being foolish, I can guarantee an entertaining event.
Life is tough. Working is hard. In the long run, all of that hard work is sure to pay off. In the meantime though, we suffer. The stressful days, dealing with coworkers, working your tush off just because you got stuck with something. All of this tough work can really make you appreciate the simpler things in life. Explore the pleasures of ordinary experiences and learn to gain greater appreciation for the little stuff.

"I close my eyes... so grateful to be held this way." ~Meredith Holmes

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