Boxing and Kickboxing

Raul Velarde


Boxing is a very good sport in boxing you only use your hands its a very good sport because it gives you discipline and you work out a lot to be in form and always active,boxing is a violent sport too you hit them in the face until they knock out but it's not more violent than kickboxing.


Kick boxing is a very good sport too because you work out a lot and your always active in kickboxing you only use your hands and feet,kickboxing is a more violent sport because you can kick them on the face and hit them with your elbows,kickboxing is a much better sport tha boxing because you got two arms and those two arms are your hands and feet.

Difference between boxing and kickboxing

Boxing and kick boxing are mostly related but a lil different because in boxing you only use hands and in kicking boxing you use hands and feet.while boxing involves punches and blocks kickboxing involves kicks and punched.these two sports are very good because you can defend your self from anyone.