Young Girl Diagnosed With Leukemia

Written by: Ethan M.

A local 12-year-old girl living in the town of Woodridge has been diagnosed with Leukemia. When interviewed she said that she had been having a hard time breathing, was dizzy, and had abdominal and joint pain. Her doctor has been wondering why this has been occurring, but has recently been helped by An unexpected source: students in her school.

Students took in all the factors and have found all her symptoms to match those of Leukemia. They said that one reason that she could cause all of the symptoms is this:

the overflow of abnormal blood cells can lead to block up this can lead to abnormal pain in joints or abdomen. This can cause her to have a hard time breathing which could lead to how she felt lightheaded. they did labs to test these theories and read articles on the subject.

Leukemia mainly effects the blood but can also effect other systems such as the respiratory and nervous systems. You can see that it lead to pain which effects nervous and effects her lungs.

The school has been supportive and is helping both Emily and her family get through this.