The Goths

By: Christian Vanegas

Origins of the Goths

The Goths originated in a land called "Gothiscandzia". Legend says that because of population pressure, this caused the goths to move en masse to lands that are now modern Poland. There is no evidence to support this claim. What seems to have really happened is that the Goths slowly drifted from the Oder Vistula into Scythia (modern day Ukraine).

The goths create a kingdom

In the 3rd century, the Goths has migrated as far south as lower Danube, around the Black Sea. During the 3rd century, the Gothic armies and fleets ravaged Thrace Dacia and cities in Asia Minor and the Aegean Coast. They also captured Athens in 267. For about a century, wars between the Roman emperors and Gothic rulers devastated the Balkan territory and the Northeastern Mediterranean region. Soon other tribes joined the Goths and under the great king Ermanaric in the 4th century, the Gothic kingdom was established that stretched from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea.

Characteristics of the Goths

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