Mrs. Todorich's Algebra Updates

September 10, 2015

We just wrapped up Chapter 1 and grades have been entered into Infinite Campus. The class as a whole did not perform well on the first test, but I believe this was due to several factors:

  • students did not take the time to study on their own
  • students rushed through the test (not reading directions)
  • misunderstanding of basic integer operations
  • I was out for several days due to a family emergency

Due to the fact that I was out for several days, I felt it was necessary to allow students to make test corrections after addressing the major misconceptions. Therefore you will see a quiz grade that reflects the original test score as well as a test score which reflects their score after test corrections. Most students did MUCH BETTER after completing test corrections.

Below you will find the outline of topics/assignments for the upcoming week. (Keep in mind that things may adjust throughout the week.)

  • September 8-10: 8th grade mini unit - transformations
  • September 11: mini unit quiz - transformations / Beginning of Chapter 2
  • September 14-17: Chapter 2 Lessons 1-5 (Solving Equations)
  • September 18: Chapter 2 Quiz 1 over Lessons 1-5

Extended School Services / Tutoring / Remediation

ESS for Math takes place EVERY Thursday until 4:45pm. Anyone who needs tutoring or needs to complete remediation is welcome. Myself and Ms. O'Connell rotate days, but I am almost always available until 4:15 (even if I am not the assigned ESS teacher that day)

I am also available Wednesday Mornings beginning at 7:45am or by appointment for other mornings/afternoons.

REMEMBER: Any summative test may be re-taken if students complete the required remediation assignments and schedule a time to re-take the test.

Important Reminders:

Contact Info

Questions, Comments or Concerns? Please do not hesitate to contact me. Email is preferred, but you may also call my classroom if needed.