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March 21, 2021

New From Dr. Hall's Desk

Important Dates

March 22

Admin Meeting-ACTS prep

ACTS food deliver 9:30am

ACTS Food Packing 3:30-4:30

March 23

Chick-fil-A (breakfast)

Canteen & Pizza during lunch

ACTS Free Food Distribution 4:00-5:00pm

Super Citizens Breakfast 8:30am

Board of Education Meeting

Personalized Learning-Planning

March 24

Grade Level Meetings

21st Century Grand Monitoring

March 25

LEADS Parent Night 5:30pm

March 26

SIC Report (Minichan & Hall DO)

March 27


Communication to Parents


Planning Period Tuesday

1st 7 Minutes for the 7 Habits (bring your personal workbook)

Personalized Learning Module 2 Choices & Artifacts

  • You can meet in your coach's room.
  • Record on Teams.
  • Upload recording to PLC team file.
  • Put Artifact in Artifact Slide (Click on the Module Slide to Get There)

Revised PD Plan as of 3/14

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100% of Faculty Are on an Action Team

78% Are in a Leadership Role

*let me know if I missed someone
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Please take the teacher appreciation survey below.

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Check Out the Google Slides Below if You are Interested

Other Upcoming Events

March 17

Principals’ Meeting

March 23

Board of Education Meeting

Great job Ms. Long and Physical Environment Action Team!

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Leaders at Work & Lighthouse Team Please Save the Date

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Tuesday Snack Shack/Pizza/Biscuits

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Biscuit Sales have been rescheduled to Tuesday, March 23rd!!!

Chick-fil-A biscuit sales

Morning Carline

Biscuits 1/$3 and 2/$5

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Ways to Help

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March Leaders at Work Minutes

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Please add any topics that need to be discussed in the form below.

Helpful Links

Leavelle Good News in the News

Why the volunteer of the year award is the Lucinda Kenner Award

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Positive Office Referrals

March Tireless Teacher Ms. Boggess

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April Nominations for Tireless Teacher

Action Teams

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Board Recap & District Info

Mentor Training

We will be hosting 2 CERRA Mentor trainings across the district June 29-30 and July 20-21. Please share the dates and following link with teachers who you feel would be a wonderful mentor for teachers. Remember, these teachers must have 2 years of experience AND have a professional certificate. Those interested can sign up using this link.

4.0 Evaluator Training

We will be hosting 2 SCTS 4.0 Evaluator Trainings across the district June 22-24 and July 13-15. Please share the dates and following link with teachers who you feel would be a wonderful mentor for teachers. Remember, these teachers must have 2 years of experience AND have a professional certificate. Those interested can sign up using this link.

Walden University Teacher Care Crate

Walden University is giving away a subscription for a Teacher Care Crate full of health and wellness items, art, desk accessories; decorations, treats and other items. Please click here to enter the giveaway. Educators can also nominate colleagues on this link.

Employee Perks

Please share the attached Employee Perk DSW March 26 2021 flyer with all employees and remind your staff about the Employee Perks page on our website. DSW in Augusta is offering all ACPSD employees a discount on Friday, March 26 as long as employees show their school ID/name badge.

Job Description Updates

Human Resources regularly reviews job descriptions and works with departmental leadership to make updates as needed to ensure alignment with current job responsibilities. Employees will be notified whenever substantial updates are made to ensure all employees are aware of these updated expectations. Employees will be notified via email through the Records system to review and acknowledgement these updates. All current job descriptions are accessible on district website under Employment. In addition, Principals will be notified weekly of any updates.

The following job description has been updated: Middle School Synergistic Lab Aides have been retitled Instructional Aides.

Military Child Month

Sondra Thomas, our Military Community Liaison, is preparing to celebrate our Military students throughout April, the Month of the Military Child. Please see the attached Month of the Military Child 2021 Calendar which has been provided to the Military Liaison at each school. The District will recognize the week of April 11-17 as Military Child Spirit Week with different activities planned, and we encourage schools to participate and promote these events.

Every school will receive a yard sign to be placed in front of your building on Thursday, April 1, 2021 to kick off our celebrations, and Communications Liaisons will be asked to post pictures on social media. We will “Purple Up” on April 16, 2021 and ask that you remind all staff and students to dress in purple that day to support our Military students. We’re also challenging each school to participate in a Walk a Thon during April by “Walking a Mile in Their Shoes”! The District currently has 589 Military connected students, and we are encouraging everyone in your school to work together to walk a total of 589 miles from April 1-30. The Military Liaison will be responsible for keeping track of your schools’ miles, and has been provided with details from Ms. Thomas. Please be sure to use the hashtag #purpleupaiken throughout April when posting Military related content.

ESSER After School/Saturday School

Please utilize the below process for submitting time sheets for payment for employees who work during the ESSER II Afterschool/Saturday school program. As a reminder, ESSER II is the federal funding source we are using for these activities and requires very strict documentation regarding time and effort. Please share this information with your bookkeeper.

Please utilize your bookkeeper or designee to collect certified staff time sheets (in the below OneDrive link) and classified staff AOD time cards to submit to Becky Carrier in Federal Programs by the due dates below. Time sheets and time cards can be submitted either through a packet via inter-office courier mail or scanned and emailed to rcarrier@acpsd.net. Time sheets and time cards must be printed on green paper. Paper will be delivered to your front office within the next few days.

Certified teachers' time sheets have been pre-filled to simplify the process. The dates on the time sheets should not be altered. There is a time sheet for each pay period.

Certified staff should complete the time sheets found in this folder: ESSER2 Time Sheets for Certified Staff.

Bus drivers must use Attendance on Demand to clock in and out for their time worked during the program. As a reminder, please contact your area transportation supervisor to arrange transportation if this is something in your plan.

The bookkeeper will run one report from AOD and submit to Becky Carrier for payroll. Jenny Floth will provide directions to bookkeepers that will allow them to pick the dates and names of employees to print the report. It will include all of the time cards.

Teacher time sheets and bus driver Attendance on Demand time cards must be submitted to Becky Carrier in Federal Programs by the dates below to be paid on the corresponding pay date.

For time worked 3/15/21 – 3/28/21: Submit to Becky Carrier by 03/29/2021 to be paid on 04/20/2021 pay date.

For time worked 3/29/21 – 4/18/21: Submit to Becky Carrier by 04/19/2021 to be paid on 05/05/2021 pay date.

For time worked 4/19/21 – 5/2/21: Submit to Becky Carrier by 05/03/2021 to be paid on 05/20/2021 pay date.

For time worked 5/3/21 – 5/16/21: Submit to Becky Carrier by 05/17/2021 to be paid on 06/04/2021 pay date.

For time worked 5/17/21 – 5/30/21: Submit to Becky Carrier by 05/28/2021 to be paid on 06/17/2021 pay date.

The rate of pay for teachers is $30/ hour. The rate of pay for bus drivers is $15/hour. Overtime for hourly employees will be calculated by the Payroll Department based on their information in Attendance on Demand.

Finally, please make sure an attendance record is maintained for students who attend the program. Attendance is included as part of the monitoring for this funding source.

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Extra Duty Pay

Summer Extra Duty opportunities have been posted on acpsd.net. To find these openings click on EMPLOYMENT along the top of the website and click Internal Applicants. Sign in by filling in your user name and District password at the top of the page. Once logged in, filter the job list by Summer Teaching and Summer Administration. Everyone must submit an application to be considered for Summer Extra Duty. This year, there is only one posting for Elementary Reading Camp Teacher. You will select location choices within the application.


Most certified teaching positions are posted internally only at this time. If you are interested in a transfer, please log into your internal application to review current openings.

Tornado Drill

Principals and APs, please note the SC Statewide Tornado Drill will take place March 10, 2021, at 9 a.m. Please follow the instructions listed in the ACPSD Crisis Response Handbook, Section 8. Your NOAA (Midland) weather radios should carry the alert that day.

Evaluations Timeline

  • March 29, 2021: Year-long SLO Post-Assessment Window opens
  • March 31, 2021: Last day to conduct all observations for the Final (Spring) Cycle
  • April 15, 2021: Deadline for Final Cycle (Spring) Observation Conferences and Consensus Meetings
  • April 28: All Final Conferences placed in SCLead including SLOs, GBEs, Summative and Formative Evaluations

Bump Up Meetings.

Each year the Department of Special Programs requires teachers to determine if students moving from Preschool to School-age, 5th to 6th grade, 8th to 9th grade, and those shifting from Aiken Intermediate to KMS or SMS need a “bump-up” meeting to determine services for the next level prior to the end of the school year. This is typically completed after Spring Break. In order to ensure that all students information is reviewed and to aid in ensuring those who require an IEP meeting have one scheduled, we hold pre-meetings between schools during early spring.

In an effort to provide assistance in the most efficient way possible, we have reserved specific time frames to assist with this process. Program Specialists will consult with school administrators to designate a specific time to collaborate with other school teams and receive all needed information. At least 2 Program Specialists will be in attendance at each informal pre-meeting to provide support and guide discussions. Individual emails will be sent to each school by Wednesday, March 3, 2021 from Lauren Enter to confirm dates and times.

We are asking that at least one teacher representative from each school attend during your scheduled time. In addition, an LEA representative from the receiving school is highly encouraged to attend. Substitutes will be provided by the Department of Special Programs, if needed.

Contact Lauren Enter, Coordinator of Instructional Programming, at lenter@acpsd.net with questions.

Compensatory Services, COVID Recover Services, and Other Summer Programs 2021

Students with disabilities may require compensatory services, COVID Recovery Services, or additional services and supports to ensure they are able to access summer programs during Summer 2021. Guidance regarding the description of services and considerations for IEP teams have been created to assist school teams with making determinations. In addition, Special Programs will offer Virtual Q & A Sessions on the following dates to answer any questions school teams may have regarding providing summer services to students with disabilities. Special Education Team Leads and Service Providers are required to attend one of the information sessions during the month of March. LEA Representatives are strongly encouraged to attend one of the below sessions prior to convening IEP meetings where summer services will be considered.

Sessions will be provided on the following dates and times indicated below. Please register here for the virtual session that you plan to attend.

Monday, March 1st from 3:00-4:00 p.m.

Thursday, March 4th from 3:30-4:30 p.m.

Thursday, March 11th from 3:00-4:00 p.m.

Wednesday, March 24th from 3:30-4:30 p.m.

For more information please contact Amy Bryce, Coordinator of Compliance at abryce@acpsd.net.

Summer Reading Program

Students with disabilities (IDEA and 504) who have been determined eligible for Summer Reading Camp due to their assessment scores from SRI and/or SC Ready MUST have an IEP / 504 meeting to participate in the Summer Programming Option. Because Summer Reading Camp is an intervention, the IEP / 504 Team is the only body that can make determinations regarding appropriate interventions for a student.


Students with disabilities are determined eligible for ESY services through an IEP Team decision during an annual review or an IEP amendment. It should not be assumed that any student must receive ESY services. As a reminder, the determination regarding ESY eligibility is made yearly.

Certification Grace Periods 2021-2022

Please share with teachers this may affect. The SCDE will be issuing grace periods for the 2021-22 school year. Educators that already held a 2020-21 grace period will not qualify for a 2021-22 grace period, but may still qualify for an extension if not previously used this cycle. Guidance regarding eligibility requirements is available on the State Department of Education website.

Go Fund Me Not Allowable

Go Fund Me is not an allowable grant/donation platform. Principals must always be aware of what projects teachers are doing because they are on behalf of the school. When grants/donations are awarded, teachers may not take grant/donation items with them to another school. There may be a few instances when the school does not have the capacity to implement without the teacher, but those cases would be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Cerra Mentor Training

Cerra Mentor Training will be held virtually March 23-34 and April 21-22. Please have teachers register here. If you have any questions, please contact Meagan Cothran, Training and Development Coordinator, at mcothran@acpsd.net.

Augusta Symphony

The Augusta Symphony has launched a virtual Community Chords school outreach program that provides videos of ensembles available on its website. These videos are provided free of charge and can be accessed until April 30, 2021. Each ensemble video runs about 30 minutes and consists of instrument history, demonstration, music styles, terminology, as well as sample pieces to enhance your students’ learning experience.

Viewers may also access these videos on Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, or Roku via the Augusta Symphony app. More information is available at augustasymphony.com/streaminginfo. These programs will be in the "Outreach Videos" folder. Because these free offerings are grant-funded, it is critical that The Augusta Symphony measure its impact on the community. Please be sure to fill out the Google form on the video page for measuring purposes.

Update to Teacher Transfer Policy 2021-22

The last day for 190-day employees to seek a lateral transfer is May 31, 2021. Due to limited position availability, select positions on contract for more than 190 days such as media specialists, counselors, and literacy coaches are permitted to seek lateral transfers through June 30, 2021. All employees are permitted to seek promotional opportunities without date limitations. Employees must be in good standing to be eligible for transfer. All employees seeking transfer opportunities must apply to each position for which they wish to be considered.

Positions for the 2021-2022 school year will begin to post as early as late January. Anyone may apply to positions of interest. All teacher transfer requests will remain confidential.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Liz McClearen, Recruitment and Staffing Coordinator at emcclearen@acpsd.net.


Teacher Transfer Process Updates

•Teachers interested in seeking a transfer should apply for specific positions of interest during the spring transfer window

•Extra step of generic Teacher Transfer application has been removed

•Deadline to seek a lateral transfer for most is May 31, 2021

•Select positions (>190 days) such as media specialists, counselors, and literacy coaches will be permitted to seek lateral transfers through June 30, 2021

GoFan Ticket Purchase

We will be selling athletic tickets this year through the GoFan App for all sporting events. No cash will be accepted at the gate. Please watch this 1 minute tutorial on how to purchase tickets. Tickets will go on sale the Monday of the event. Ticket amounts are limited. Please do NOT validate your ticket before arriving. Tickets must be Validated in front of the gate workers.
GoFan How to Buy Tickets
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  1. Take attendance daily during each period.
  2. If a student is in the building, mark him present.
  3. if it is a student's remote day, mark him SC-VTP.
  4. On Friday mark all students SC-VTP.
  5. On Friday reconcile attendance for the previous week.
  6. We have 10 days to reconcile any attendance.
  7. If a student attempt any remote learning work, he should be marked present.

Leavelle McCampbell Middle School Consequences

Minor Behaviors:

  1. Warning/redirect/reteach
  2. Warning/redirect/call to the parent/must be documented in ABE as a note before assigning LD
  3. Redirect/Lunch Detention/Maximum 6 per 9 weeks/ABE Classroom Action/Parent Contact
  • Intervention Meeting with student and Grade Level Team after 3rd LD/Parent Contact
  1. Redirect/After School Detention/Maximum 3 per 9 weeks/ABE Classroom Action/Parent Contact
    • Intervention Meeting parent, student, and Grade Level Team after 2nd ASD/Parent Contact
  2. Call to the Parent/Office Referral to Administrator


Updated Advisory Schedule by Next Week

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Updated Duty Roster

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Bell Schedule

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LMMS Schoology Page

The access code is: VN9G-TDFF-D9GW2. Once you log-in I will approve you.

Yearly Calendar

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20-21 Committees

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Effective Curriculum Planning

1. Are you tightly aligned to standards? (Refer to support document.)

2. Are you at the rigor of the verb for the standard?

3. Do you have built in feedback for all students?

4. Is your lesson engaging? (Choice, Interest, Timing)

Professional Development

Time to Teach

Unconditional Positive Regard

Remember to take an active interest in your students’ lives. Get to know them. This can be done in many ways, such as through personal student inventory. Remember it is important to find out what your students are passionate about outside the classroom. Use this information to make personal connections. It is imperative that teacher know more about their students than just their classroom performance. You may find that your life has much more in common with your students’ lives than you thought.

Unconditional Positive Regard

Unconditional positive regard is an important way to communicate care, but some teachers may object, “How can I do this for every student every day?” Truth is you don’t have to do this every day for every student. It is important that you are selective in recognition of your students. You don’t want to hand out or “dish out” comments or gestures so much they become over-done and insincere. We accept their presence by looking and smiling directly at them. Smiles don’t take much time, nor do they have to be forced. This is just one way to demonstrate unconditional positive regard.

Building Trust

Palmer (1998) noted that the concept of connectedness is an essential element to forging an alliance between teachers and students. Remember to seek every opportunity to connect with your students. Creating positive emotional connectedness with your students is vital to building a rapport. The most effective teachers not only develop emotional connectedness with their students, they help students develop a connectedness with the subject matter. Always strive to not only connect with your students but to deepen that connection when challenging situations arise.

Accepting and Valuing Students

The truth is that you may not “like” a student or “love” a student, but as educators who are entrusted with learners in our charge, we must learn to care for and accept students for their inherent value. This does not mean that we tolerate or accept inappropriate behavior. Rather, it means that, as astute and devoted teachers, we recognize that every one of our students is unique and has a positive and likable attribute.

Building Trust

Remember that building trust takes time an opportunity. Be sure not to miss the opportunity to build your alliance. Consider the following proposed conditions that can lead to trust between teacher and students:

1) Availability

2) Competence

3) Consistency

4) Discretion

5) Fairness

6) Honesty

7) Benevolence

8) Openness

9) Promise Fulfillment

10) Receptivity

Important Deadlines

Yearly Report Card Timeline

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School Operations

Communications Liaison

Please make sure you have updated your websites according to the email Ms. McMillian sent.

As we are in a current state of "virtual" learning and minimal contact, parents and students will be relying heavily on our website and social media platforms. Below are a few reminders and recommendations for you to consider when setting up your webpage and submitting items to be posted on social media. Since the website has been updated and the formatting is different, if you need any assistance, please let me know.

1) It is imperative that you keep your website easy to navigate and up-to-date. Parents will rely heavily on these pages for class information, remind updates, and lesson plans. It may be a good idea to make sure your lesson plans have a section that informs parents of what their child is expected to do on each of their "off" days. It could be listed under a "Homework" or "E-Learning" section. If you need any assistance setting your page up, please do not hesitate to let me know.

2) Per our evaluation last year, it was stated that not many teachers use the calendar app provided on your webpage. This app is very useful in letting students and parents know when assignments are due. Please consider trying to use it this year.

3) Every teacher page should have a noticeable place where your classes REMIND code(s) is located. If you were here last year, you should already have an app set up with your remind code. You will just need to update it if it has changed. It is suggested that you set up different codes for the Red and Blue groups and each class you have. Each class/code should have a unique name. Below is a friendly reminder on how to put the codes on your webpage from the remind app/website. #5 is the one we highly suggest as it will show all messages on our website in case a parent can not get the app. Feel free to visit my webpage for an idea on how to name them.


4) To post the link on your webpage: make sure you have a link app added to the page you would like it displayed on. Make sure you have your classes set up in Remind (I can assist you with this if needed). Go to remind. Click the blue top right-hand corner button labeled "Add People". On the left there is an option to share the link to your class. Click it and copy the link. Paste the link to your webpage and give it a title.

5) To post the actual remind information and code to join your remind: make sure you have added a "widgets" app to the page of your choice. Go into your classes in remind that you have set up. On the top left, click on your name. Choose Account Settings. Choose "Widgets". Choose your class (if you have multiple). Copy the code (embedded link they display). Enter that in the webpage app you set up. Please do this for each class you have a different code for.

6) I have to "evaluate" your webpage sometime in September. Please try and make sure you have your current and set up if possible by August 31 so parents can stay informed.

7) Please text me (Ms. McMillian) any picture(s) you take of your class or special events to (803)507-5299. I can only post pictures at this moment of students that have their masks on.

Conflict Resolution & Threat Assessments

If students are having conflicts, please refer them to guidance and notify the school administrator for that child. Make sure to put a class action in ABE. Guidance is trained on conflict resolution and the social emotional needs of students. Also if a student threatens to harm another or himself, it must also go through guidance or administration. A threat assessment must be completed.

SCREADY Student Engagement Domains

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Induction and Mentoring Meetings

Monthly Induction and Mentoring Meetings will be held virtually this year through Teams. All induction teachers will be required to attend from 3:45 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. on September 30, 2020, October 28, 2020, November 25, 2020, January 27, 2021, February 24, 2021, March 24, 2021, April 28, 2021, and May 26, 2021. For more information contact Meagan Cothran, Training and Development Coordinator, at mcothran@acpsd.net.
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District PD Calendar

Please click HERE to view events on the Professional Development Calendar

Wildly Important Goals

1. 70% of students will grow a year's worth of growth or be on grade-level for reading inventory by the end of the year.
2. We will grow 10% on SREB in relation to authentic assessments.

About Us

Principal: Dr. Tiffany Hall

Assistant Principal: Mr. Steve Kolodizieizyck

Assistant Principal: Ms. Latonia Evans

Honoring the Past, While Envisioning Our Future

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