The Outsiders

Whitney P.7

#1- Royals By Lorde

In this song the song says "we'll never be royal" and talks about how people dream about having a good life, with everything they want but in reality there not royal. In the outsiders Ponyboy at one point wanted to be a soc because he think/thought that he will never be royal. Since he's a greaser he doesn't think he could ever have or nice valuable objects. It's just not as the song says in our blood.
Lorde - Royals Lyric video

#2- F.U.N By Spongebob

Johnny and Ponyboy always had fun together and always made each other happy when they where sad. They cheered each other up and in this song spongebob cheers up plankton and makes him happy. "F is for friends who do stuff together, U is for you and me, N is for anytime and anywhere at all down here in the deep blue sea." Just like how Johnny and Ponyboy cheer up each other and make them happy even when there mad. no matter what mood there in.
Spongebob ft. Plankton - F.U.N Song Lyrics

#3 Firefighter song By Paul Cummings

I know this song is about a firefighter but it reminded me about how Johnny and Ponyboy herd the kids so they ran into the church and Johnny afterward died. Johnny didn't know he was going to die, johnny didn't want money for it "He didn't want any money" said the song. Johnny just quickly reacted and wanted to save those kids. Ponyboy did save the kids also but the roof fell on Johnny and a few days later Johnny died just like how in the song the house clasped on the fire fighter and he died. "That house it had collapsed".
The Firefighter Song - Paul Cummings (Original Version 2009)

#4 Kung Fu Fighting By Carl Douglas

In the rumble in the Outsiders the socs and greasers fought with only fists no weapons or you would be cheating and the greasers were fighting as quick and as hard as they could so they could win. "Those kids where fast as lighting".
kung fu fighting with lyrics

#5- We Are The Champions By Queen

The greasers where hoping to win and they did. The greasers didn't stop fighting till they won they had faith in there crew that they will win and they won. "We are the champions and we will keep on fighting till the end."The greasers won so there for they are the champions.
Queen - We Are The Champions (Lyrics)