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Erik Fisher Football Dream Update

The Erik Fisher Football Dream is now advancing at an incredibly fast pace. Arthur Bauer now holds the ball for the legendary Erik. Coaches and neighbors have started to cheer this young man's name but what the people are really interested in is his life versus his younger brother Paul's.

*Erik is popular among his peers while Paul struggles to gain good friends. As a young child Paul was made fun of and had a harder time when it came to fitting in.

*Erik gets an enormous amount of attention from his parents and friends while Paul isn't noticed a much.

*Erik is a huge football player while Paul is more of a soccer guy. He claims to be good and has us anxious for the upcoming soccer season.


Mike Costello Dead After Lightning Strike!

MOYA Close Up!

ISSUE 1: Many young adolescents are being diagnosed with mental conditions.

CAUSE: They feel pressured to be the best.

EFFECT: They have break downs and are constantly worrying.

ISSUE 2: Many teens suffer from sleep loss.

CAUSE: Things from their day are stressing them out at night.

Effect: They cannot do their work properly because they are so sleep deprived.

ISSUE 3: Many teens are under a massive amount of stress.

CAUSE: They are forced to do so much in so little time.

EFFECT: They cannot function and have frequent outbursts.

As you can see these issues are plaguing the children of tomorrow! They must be resolved before it's too late!

Wednesday, Oct. 14th, 1:30pm

Lake Windsor High Football Field Tangerine County, FL

On October 14 the Lake Windsor Seagulls will be playing their longtime rival, The Dolphins! Come and see these two teams go head to head in a ferocious battle! If you are one of the first 100 people there you will get the chance to meet the Seagull's star player Erik Fisher!