RES Staff Update

November 12-16, 2018

You Are Appreciated!

At this time close to Thanksgiving, I want everyone to know that you are appreciated. Regardless of your position, you are all teachers to our students. Take a moment to watch how teaching changes lives and leaves an impact. Thank you for doing what you do!
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Woohoo! Friendsgiving is Monday. Leave your lunch at home and enjoy the buffet. Most slots are full for each lunch, but there are a few remaining. Remember to LABEL your dish with "Lunch A, B, or C". If you have something in the refrigerator, please run down to put it out before your lunch time, or ask an administrator to do this. We will place dishes that need to be warm in our warmers in the cafeteria, and then we'll bring them out for each lunch. Thank you to everyone for making this such a fun day.

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Veterans Day

I was so sad to miss one of my very favorite events. I heard that it was AMAZING! Thank you to Laura Huffman and the entire Veterans Day committee for all of your work. I know the Veterans appreciated being recognized. Thank you to the administrators for shuttling staff to and from the school so that parking was available, and thank you to the staff for allowing us to inconvenience you by doing this. I know Sally Hall is always running around like crazy on this day (so much that she brings slippers for afterwards), so I want to recognize her for always being there behind the scenes. Thank you to Christi Moran for making sure that all of our students could watch the program via Zoom and for creating an awesome link to the program and pictures of the special day. Susan Gayle---I'm sorry to have missed your first big performance with our students, but I've heard you also did an amazing job with this program. Obviously, this is a large production that takes so many people. I have no doubt that I may have missed some staff that should be recognized, and for that I apologize. Our students get to be a part of this wonderful tradition each year, and I appreciate everyone for helping them to understand how important it is to appreciate those who have made sacrifices and served our country. Thank you, again, for making this a day our Veterans, staff, and students will always remember.

4th Grade Program

This year our 4th grade students will perform in a special program on Tuesday evening. We are looking forward to watching them shine. Groups A and C will perform at 6:00 pm, and Groups B and D will perform at 7:00 pm. Thank you to Mrs. Gayle for all of your hard work--2 programs within a few days of each other! Thank you to our large group teachers and 4th grade teachers for your support as well!
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Pineapple Chart

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to have guests in their classrooms. I know it is a busy month, but keep the invites coming. We will have a drawing at the end of this week among all who volunteered to host and all who took time to observe. Fun shirts for Wednesdays with jeans will be the prize! If you have tickets to put in the drawing, please drop them off in my office (I'll have a jar for them). If you volunteered either way and did not receive tickets for the drawing, please see me to get them. Each host should receive 2 tickets, and each observer should receive 1 ticket.

Calendar Updates-Bolded items are new this week

4th grade will change their large group time to 3:00 pm for November 7, 8, 12, and 13. This is to allow them practice time using the risers for their upcoming program on November 13.

Tuesday, November 27: PBIS Level 1 Meeting

CANCELLED: Movie with Moms--We will look at rescheduling this event or planning another event for our moms and students.

Tuesday, December 4: Garland (am-K; pm-1st)

Wednesday, December 5: Garland (am-3rd; pm-4th)

Thursday, December 6: Garland (am-2nd; pm-5th)

Tuesday, December 11: Gerletti (Mentor meeting via Zoom @ 9 am)

Tuesday, December 18: Papa John's Pizza Night & PTO Cookie Tin Give-Away for Staff

Wednesday, December 19: Chess Club (7:45 am)

CTE Assignment #4 is due on Sunday, 11/11

CTE Assignment #5 (THE LAST ONE) is due on Sunday, December 2

Campus Time Equivalency

If you have not already joined the Google Classroom for your CTE book study, please do so this week. Assignments will begin next week for both book studies.

Class Codes:

Kids Deserve It: yisek4h

Blended Learning in Action: 7won14

Staff Dress for the Week

'Twas the week before Thanksgiving

And all through the school

The countdown was happening

And the weather was cool.

The staff was bundled

From head to toe

With clothing that was comfy

In case there was snow. (Wishful thinking :)

The principal decided

That their dress should not be complicated

To let them all know

That they are so appreciated!

They heard her exclaim

As she made her return

"Wear what makes you happy

As long as the kids learn!"

2018-2019 Master Calendar

You will receive a paper copy of this. Please make sure to check the Staff Update each week for any changes.