A Hard 9 Months

1st Trimester

1. In the 1st trimester a female can expect to feel moody and/or unpredictable emotions. Her body may experience tenderness for breast, spotted periods and/or constipation.

2. In the 1st trimester a baby will have major developments such as the nose and mouth. His intestines are developing and the bud of t5he tissue will give rise to his lungs, brain, muscles and bones

The 2nd Trimester

1. A female with start feeling a bit off balance and your belly grows which changes it center of gravity. Her eyes may become drier and her appetite might increase. The cardiovascular system is undergoing dramatic changes. Your blood pressure may also decrease and in some case can increase. This is something that should be closely monitored.

2. The baby can expect to go through a significant growth spurt, in fact the baby will grow 2x its weight or more and add several inches to its length. The baby will start to move and flex its arms and legs. Its blood vessels are visible through his then skin and ears are in final position. There is also a protective covering around his nerves.

The Third Trimester

1. A female will be in home stretch... She will start this trimester at 36 weeks and will need to be examined on a weekly basis until her baby arrives in the world

2. The baby weighs more than 2 pounds and is more than 14 inches long from the top of her head to tthe heels of her feet. She can blink her eyes and her eye sight is developing.