A way of being free


Her name is Herminsul, she was 12 years old. Herminsul has a family of 7, it is her two parents and her 4 siblings. Her family used to live on a farm, they lived off of the land. Her family had a dog that followed her dad everywhere he went. Herminsul and her siblings got beaten for anything and everything by their dad. When Herminsul was 7 she and her family got kicked out of their home and moved to the city. They move to their uncles small apartment. At age 10 Herminsul started selling peas in the city to help her family. Herminsul gets five dollars on a good day of selling peas. But Herminsul gives two-thirds of the money to her mother and keeps a third to herself. Herminsul pays for her own clothes and school supplies.

Geographical Information

Herminsul and her family used to live in Boyaca. But Herminsul and her family got kicked out and then moved to their uncles small apartment in Bogota. "It felt like a jail" Herminsul said. Then Herminsul and her family built a small home in Bogota to live in.

Events that caused Herminsul and her family to fight for a change

Herminsul got kick out of her home and then had to move to the city and make money by selling peas to strangers on the street. Herminsul and her family was threatened when they were in Boyaca. They were threatened to leave their house. Heminsul and her family were kicked out of their home by the military.

What they have done to promote change

Herminsul and her family do not fight. Herminsul and her family want the war to end. The fight is with the cops and big merchants against the gang group called the vultures. The vultures run up and down the streets stealing from people. Herminsul and her family wanted the war and violence to end. Herminsul and her family didn’t have any other options. Herminsul likes selling peas on the street. But she doesn't like the violence that's going on around her.

What Herminsul and her family hope for in the future

Herminsul and her family hope to accomplish in life is that the war will end. Herminsul also hopes that the violence will stop in her city. Herminsul and her family also hope that nobody else will be kicked out of their homes by the military.