remedies to get rid of facial hair

get rid of facial hair

Easy home remedies to get rid of facial hair

This is very embarrassing situation for every woman to deal with her facial hair. It is one of the most common problems among the women. Main reason of this facial hair grow is hormonal changes, heredity and open pores. Every woman is wondering for tips how to get rid of facial hair. Waxing, bleaching and threading are some useful options for facial hair removal, but these methods are not solving your problem permanently. Here are some home remedies which will surely help you in a long run:-

1. Apply turmeric on your face. In Most of the Indian community it is a common practice for women to apply a little turmeric to their faces. Turmeric is an effective antiseptic property which works as natural bleach for your face and it also has the property of curbing hair growth. Turmeric is good for other skin problems too.

2. It is traditional face pack of Indian women. Most of the ladies use it regularly. Gram flour particles work like scrub beads and if you use it regularly it will reduce excessive hair growth of your face and enhance your complexion as well.

3. Mix Sugar with lemon juice. This amalgam is considered as home-made wax-like substance. Take a tablespoon of sugar in a vessel; add one teaspoon of honey and a few drops of lemon juice in it. Heat this paste lightly about 3 minutes. After heating up it will become a smooth paste. When the paste is slightly warm, apply it to the part of the face from where you need to remove the hair. Now cover the area with a strip of cloth and immediately pull the cloth in the opposite direction of hair growth.

4. Egg mask also work as a homemade wax substance. Egg has other beauty benefits too so you can easily apply egg yolk on your face.

Most of the research shows that consuming foods which is rich in phytoestrogens helps reduce the hair growing on the face naturally. Also you can have Licorice, alfalfa, flaxseeds; fennel seeds and Gotu Kola an ayurvedic herb are some of the plants that contain high concentrations of phytoestrogens. You can involve these items on your regular cooking methods.

Apart from this a laser facial hair removal treatment is also getting very popular. This treatment can remove your facial hair permanently. Although it is a painless treatment and most of the time no side effects occur after doing this.

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