Ms. Bachhuber's Bulletin

September 25, 2015

Everyday Math

Everyday Math Unit 1 tests were graded and returned this week. The students did a great job remembering all that we learned throughout the unit and really showed me their conceptual understanding of geometry.

In Unit 2, we will move away from geometry and move towards using numbers and organizing data.

**Ask your student what the value of 7 is in 67,891. (7,000)


In science this week, we had a lot of fun with one of our experiments. The students were challenged to get a light bulb to light up by using two wires and a battery. Each science group worked together to come up with a solution to this challenge. Every group got the light bulb to light up - and when given the challenge of trying it with one wire, some groups also turned out to be successful. Learning about circuits within our magnetism and electricity has been so much fun - We love our hands on science program!

Need More Homework Points?

It's getting to the end of the month and our monthly goal is 2,000 Homework Points. The students who get this receive a reward at the end of the month. (They get 100 points a day for getting homework done and their planner signed).

Some of the students will be just shy of this goal. If you would like to get a Homework Point Boost (the kiddos called this an XP in Minecraft) - Your child can:

- Read for an extra 20 minutes a night at home (and have parents write it down in planner)

- Do an extra math facts sheet at home

- Complete one round of Xtra Math at home

- Publish a story at home and bring it in

Each of these will be an extra 100 points that will be added to your total. They can be completed more than one time!

Dates to Remember

October 6th: 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM - Photo Retake Day