Sammys All Critters Animal Rescue🐶

By: Griffin Gage

Their Mission!

Their mission is to save more animals and keep them safer because they have found that there are a lot of animal shelters and adoption houses that don't have enough space and the animals don't look happy. They want to make a change and let the animals have hope. The founders also are going to make it a no kill shelter, and make their own animal food and treats to sell it to the customers.


They are currently still on kickstarter and trying to raise enough money to start a real company and make it a reality. They really want to get a jumpstart on it and start processing everything.


Their goal to raise is $80,000 to start their business and they have raised already $41.00. They have 4 backers supporting the company and if you donate $600 you receive your choice of catnip or a handmade dog toy of your choice. So, please donate and save the animals because they deserve to live a happy life.