E21 Adventure

Kelli Heathington

3 Truths and 1 Lie

The students were shown a video segment and had to pick out fact and change one to a lie. The students really struggled with changing one fact to make it a believable lie. I should have played the game with 3 Truths and 1 Lie about themselves first to get the practice.

Writing Prompts

Immigration Flow ChartStudents did this in step by step activities. First watching a video and then creating the flow chart and taking the chart into a written summary. Biggest problem was kids not having their iPads with them but the others enjoyed hearing my computer bing when they completed the assignment.

Teacher Created Boards

Students used a board to walk through advertising. The students learned about the different types of advertising. They also had to apply comprehension strategies of author's purpose, audience, and main idea.
The students enjoyed the lesson because they were able to work on their own at their own pace. They could go back and review over things when they needed to.

Student Created Boards

Students were given the task of creating board about our communities history. I gave them two options of doing one over our community in general or picking a specific area to focus on. They had a rubric to follow with the specific expectations. Some did well with picking their own pictures and telling about them. Others just found pictures from the internet that were unrelated and inaccurate and wrote our community history with it.

Google Classroom

I have created classrooms for both of my sections of students.

3-1 https://classroom.google.com/c/Njg0MjkxODNa

3-2 https://classroom.google.com/c/NTQ4NDcxMzVa

I have also created a Book Study Classroom where students are reading a novel and having classroom discussions, questions and assignments.


ActiveInspire with Students

I use Active Inspire Flip Charts to go through my weekly lessons. I then save my flip charts as PDFs and upload them into Google Classroom so the kids has access to them from home so be able to review.

Engaging with Engagement

We held a staff meeting where we split up and had mini professional development with teachers on specific areas.



During and Instructional Learning Day with other 3rd Grade teachers I introduced my colleagues to AnswerGarden. I use Answer Garden to allow kids to answer questions anonymously for us to have classroom discussions.


I created a class review using Plickers. The students had cards with a QR type emblem that they held up with the answer they chose. Each student has a different QR type emblem which helps them to keep their own thoughts/answers to themselves without others looking at the answers. The students seemed to really like the review and having to figure out answers on their own.


Kahoot is a very similar to Plickers and is a little more animated. It is the same idea of putting in a topic to review and the kids being questioned. However with this the students answer using their iPads and it is more of a contest.