Top 10 Facts

Jackie Robinson

10. Middle Name

His middle name was a tribute to Theodore Roosevelt.

9. College Arrest.

While in junior college, he was arrested for sticking up for a friend.

8. Athlete.

He was the first athlete in UCLA history to letter in four sports (Football, basketball, baseball, and track.)

7. Boston Red Sox.

Before playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers, he tried out for the Boston Red Sox.

6. Richard Nixon's Campaign.

He worked for Richard Nixon’s presidential campaign.

5. Vice President.

Jackie Robinson became vice president of Chock Full O’Nuts in 1957 and served as VP for ten years. He was the first black vice president of a major American corporation

4. Sesame Street.

He was the first black athlete to appear on the children’s television show ‘Sesame Street’ during its first season in 1970. Robinson also appeared during the second season.

3. Song.

He was the subject of a 1949 Top 15 song entitled “Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball,” by Buddy Johnson and Count Basie.

2. Rookie of the Year.

Jackie Robinson received the first ever Major League Baseball ‘Rookie of the Year’ award in 1947.

1. Writing in the Newspaper.

Following his retirement from baseball, Robinson wrote a newspaper column for the New York Post and the Amsterdam News.


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