#2 Alphabet Books

By: Kirby Younger

What is it?

Books designed by students that integrate vocabulary words or phrases to match every letter of the alphabet. Books can be created individually, in small groups, as partners, or even as a whole class.

How do we use Alphabet Books?

1. Examine alphabet books
2. Prepare an alphabet chart
3. Choose a letter (individual or group?)
4. Design a page format (simple to complex)
5. Create pages using the writing process (draft, revise, and edit pages)
6. Compile the pages into 1 book

When do we use Alphabet Books?

-The end of a thematic unit or novel
-For review
-Any subject

English Language Learners

-Make connections between words, pictures, and big ideas.

Great for Vocabulary, Comprehension, and Content Areas

Common Core Standards

-Students learn grade-appropriate vocabulary related to novels and thematic units.
-Students write informative texts to explain the meaning of key vocabulary.
-Students deepen their understanding of academic vocabulary through alphabet books.