Distribution 2015

High Level Overview

Maximize Time in Front of Customers

  • Sales Blitz (4 target markets)
  • Open Houses (6 target markets)
  • Demo Van utilization
  • Sales trips (target accounts / major jobs)

North American Rep Development

  • Representative / Territory Business Planning
  • Representative Training Plans
  • Monthly Dashboard review
  • Target account focus
  • Showroom and Demo Van investments

Support 2020 Vision

  • Representative 2020 Rollout
  • Representative Business Plan development
  • Rep Dashboard development to support 2020 Vision
  • Support Sales Incentive Contest
  • Year End review of Business Plan

International Representative Development

  • Conduct business planning meetings with target Representatives
  • Develop Training Plans for Target Representatives
  • Utilize Rep Dashboard for measurement against monthly targets
  • Grow the use of demonstration equipment and showrooms
  • Establish Asian Representative Cabinet

Day to Day Blocking and Tackling

  • Work major jobs
  • Plan Sales Meetings and sales trips
  • Monthly performance reviews with Reps
  • Monthly top job/strategy reviews
  • Support Operating Company initiatives

Global Account Development

  • Conduct Key account management seminars
  • Facilitate ProMaT customer appreciation event
  • Conduct Top 20 Global Account reviews
  • Develop value added philosophy and incorporate into Global Account Program
  • Develop and implement customer boilerplate communication

Customer Service

  • Support JDE order management initiative
  • Provide Representative support and development
  • Continue to build/maintain Export Compliance Program
  • Evaluate logistics opportunities including process improvement and benchmarking carrier evaluation
  • Review and document current processes for Global Account and Strategic Pricing

Fly-In Program

  • Develop a new agenda format and system to promote marketing platforms
  • Evaluate resources for logistics and catering
  • Evaluate showroom improvements and updates

Sales Technology Tools

  • Transfer Day to Day management of Rite Trak out of Sales Technology Department
  • Evaluate CRM
  • Support and maintain Distribution apps
  • Work with Operating Companies to integrate existing and future apps into Marketing Platforms and training strategies
  • Support NXTGEN

Sales Development

  • 2020 Vision will required more (smaller) territories with complete product breadth
  • CPB = 48 Loks, 52 RHEECO Orders, 20 Doors, 20 Fans
  • Redesign the5 Star Sales Academy as a comprehensive three-year program
  • Create a formal scalable and trackable pre-5 Star Development Program
  • Create a formal, trackable Development Program between Star Sessions
  • Create a formal Coaching/Mentoring Program for Sales Managers

NER Rep Net is up 96%

All Sales Type Rep Net is up 38%

73% of sales departures occur in first three years

Sales Coordinator Program

  • Expand to three sessions per year
  • Explore creation of 9 month position, focusing on Lead Management
  • Hire Training Supervisor to conduct more hands on training and engagement with participants

Salesforce Efficiency

  • Evaluate areas where sales force efficiencies can be gained
  • Lead management
  • Project investigation (Dodge follow-up/research)
  • Project take off services
  • Project management packages
  • Submittal package services
  • Freight process
  • Sales assistant/proposal services
  • Just-in-time and training resources