Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson events

Nullification Crisis

Congress passed the tariff of 1828. It said that all imported goods had a tax on them. It helped the factory owners but farmers didn't like it because they had to pay more for their tools, so they refused to pay it. They made a compromise where the tax was made lower and the farmers agreed to pay it.

Jacksonian Democracy

Jackson competed against J.Q. Adams for presidency. Jackson ended up getting the most votes but but not the 51% or more needed to win. When this happened the speaker of the house got to decide and he chose J.Q. Adams. On the next election suffrage was expanded to poor white men who liked Jackson because he came from a similar background. With their votes Jackson won.

The Indian Removal Act

Jackson wanted to move the indians so that he could have their lands. Congress didn't agree with him but he still created the indian removal act. The act forced the indians to move west of the Mississippi River. This made the indians mad because they were forced to leave their homes.

King Jackson political cartoon

This cartoon was drawn of Andrew Jackson because he used his veto power more than any other president and didn't respect the constitution. That is why in the picture he is wielding the veto paper and stepping all over the constitution. He is wearing a crown because he was sometimes known as a dictator.

Letter to the Editor from a Cherokee

Jackson is a jerk! He created the indian removal act evan though congress didn't agree. He made us leave the home we lived in since I was born. We had to start all over in a new place we'd never been before.

Letter to the editor from a frontiersman

Jackson's great! He got rid of the indians! Now we don't have to deal with them and we have more land! The states can grow!