America Strong. Small, But Powerful

Conflict Arises!

Our great nation strives to better itself, thus we push outward to find more land and to expand our great nation. Into Canada we go to secure the land, but the British forces stop us in our tracks.

American engagements

As we pressed towards the Canadian lands we were thwarted by the British forces in Detroit, hundreds of American soldiers were taken as P.O.W's. During the battle of lake Erie the American forces pushed the British out of Detroit when our great nation with the first victory of this campaign. Britain soldiers landed 4000 troops in Chesapeake Bay coast and marched on Washington, D.C. where they burned and destroyed the capitol.

My Account of the War

The war is over finally, There was a lot of things that went wrong during this war one of the most important is that our president and his wife were put in harms way and those British forces came close to taking out the head of our great nation. That being said even through all that happened we as Americans came together closer then we have ever been. Andrew Jackson the war hero won the battle of new orleans. The abolition of the Three-fifths clause in the constitution.
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Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson was a war hero, who won the battle of New Orleans. He led American soldiers to victory at the battle of horseshoe bend in Alabama as well. He was elected as the seventh president in 1829-1837.
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The Treaty of Ghent

This treaty ended the war of 1812. It was signed by the US and the UK on December 24, 1814.
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The Hartford Convention

Meetings in Hartford, Connecticut, United States, in which the New England Federalist Party met to discuss their concerns of the ongoing War of 1812 and the political problems arising from the federal government.