The DSIL Impact offer for 2016

By Invitation Only: A Special Pay-What-You Can Opportunity

Designing for Social Innovation and Leadership Global

Our Designing for Social Innovation and Leadership Global (DSIL) team is excited to announce the 2016 Virtual Classroom Speaker Line-Up with global thought leaders from around the world to give 15 one hour sessions about emerging trends in the fields of social innovation tools and knowledge, social enterprise and 21st century leadership.

In efforts to increase our own social impact at DSIL Global we want to reach out to those who have the want and desire to learn more about these fields, but maybe not the pocket book to match. That is why we are implementing a 'pay what you can model' for people who come from our DSIL family and it's networks.

We believe in the power of collective support so people can have access to what they need.

We believe in everyone having the opportunity to have access to these programs globally.

In order to make this happen- we need a collective effort from our community.

The original price of the 2016 Classroom is $715.

Suggested minimum donations to help contribute to the ongoing community:

  • Students and broke lifelong learners ($150) NOTE: This is the minimum amount that must be donated to access the classroom.
  • Grassroots Innovator ($300)
  • Professionals expanding their toolbox ($400)
  • Earn the Certificate: ($650) This will allow you to gain the certification by the Centre for Executive Education at the UN University for Peace after doing all 15 classrooms plus the DSIL Challenges!
  • Impact Investor ($1430 for You + 1 learner for free)
  • Angel Funder $64,350 to cover the cost of the 90 learners from around the world to participate in the classroom. Impact = 90 people plus the skills they bring back to their local community and projects; priceless

How this works and the RAPID Upcoming Deadline!

1. You decide you want to participate and contribute in the 2016 DSIL Virtual Classroom on Social Innovation to increase your skills and connect with a globally minded and impactful community.

2. BY AUGUST 29TH, 2016 you click the donate button below and pay what you can to get access to the live VC. (Keep in mind, if you can't make all of them they are recorded!)

3. Send an email to and tell her if you want the certificate or not, and how much you donated to the DSIL community.

4. Katy will send you all the log-in information for our private participant only website and connect you on our private FB community! Let the exploring begin.

We hope that this can open the learning to many more people from all walks of life and the knowledge can be taken back to many local communities around the globe.

Onward in hopes of positive change and meaningful connections through the DSIL VC classrooms!