How to Become an NFL Player

Learn the few basic steps in order to become an NFL player.

Where I see myself in 10 years and what I do to achieve this goal.

Since as long as I can remember I always wanted to become an NFL player when I grow up. In the younger stages of me playing organized football I wanted to be successful but I wasn't putting the work in order to reach my goals. Now, I understand in order to be successful in a sport, if you put in enough work you WILL see results. So back to where I see myself in 10 years. Well, if I make my work ethic better and sacrifice the time to become great, I atleast see myself to having at least an average college career under my belt.


The average salary of an NFL player is 1.7 million dollars, so if I was to go to the NFL, if I keep my priorities straight, I would without a doubt stay financially stable for my entire career and probably for my life after the NFL.

Here is a 3-Step Process I Use to be Successful at a Sport:

Plan B.

Say if you don't make it into a good college so you can proceed with your athletic career. There are other steps you can take in order to make it to the pros or even compete at a semi-college level. The navy and army both offer opportunities to in which your good enough, you can compete at a college level without actually going to college. So say if I didn't make it to college. My plan B would already be to go to the army,navy,or airforce, and playing football at a college level would just make the experience that more better.