Which Side Is More Domiant?

The Right or Left side of your brain

The Left

The left side of your brain is the logic and orginzation. If you use the left side of your brian more, then you are very organized and pefer schedules and deadlines. You might be better at learning new things by using words then using visuals.
You might say why are you right handed then. Somethings you do with your right hand dosent make you right brained. The left side of your brian controls the right side of the body, and the right side of your brain controls the left of the body.
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The Right

The right side of your brian is more creative and visual then the left. Characteristics of a person who is right brain dominant would prefer to draw then write, rather be shown then to be told to do a task, and solve problems by similarities and patterns.

Not to say a person only uses one side of their brain is false. You use what part you need for that situation but also use one side more than the other. Some people have a well balance of the brain dominance so they could use either side based on how they feel.