Miss Faught's Weekly Newsletter

Week 16: December 14th - December 18th


Friday is an early release! Students will release at 12:00!

Friday is our Christmas party! Please join us at 9:45!!! We will be singing Christmas Carols at 9:50!


On Thursday, we will have Polar Express Day! Please send your child to school in their pajamas!
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This week, we will be focusing on:

All About Christmas Cookies and Candy Canes

Letter: C (Review)

Color: Green

Number: 4

Shape: Rhombus

Pattern: AABB


Mat Man


ALL ABOUT THE Christmas Cookies and Candy Canes!

This week, our theme is "Christmas Cookies and Candy Canes!" Throughout the week, we will be incorporating various activities to review the letter C. While at home, have your child spy for items that begin with C. They can also point out the letter C. Ask them if it is a capital or lowercase letter. We will also be focusing on identifying, building, and writing our names. In math, we will be reviewing the number 4. We will also be practicing AABB patterns. The color green will be reviewed as well as a rhombus (diamond).


"The Letter C Song" by ABCmouse.com
Letter C Song Video
Color G R E E N green song Kindergarten
"Rhombus," Songs About Shapes by StoryBots
"The Number Four," Number Songs by StoryBots
Reindeer Pokey | Christmas Songs for Children
S-A-N-T-A | Super Simple Songs
What Do You Want For Christmas? | Santa's On His Way

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