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Gage Grizzell; Editor-in-Chief

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I want you for the U.S Army

Selective Service Act requires men between 21 and 30 to register to be drafted training is intense. New recruits learn military rules, practice marching, and preparing for inspections. African American are segregated into separate divisions.


Gilded Age "For Sale" Subway Tickets 5 cents contact Wall Street Station Ticket Booth.

Gilded Age"Wanted"telegraph operators contact western union.

Progressive "services" Garbage collection to create healthy wage determined by National Telegraphic Union.

WW1 Wanted Women Workers to build ships and environment airplanes and decrease death rate.

WW1 services Will you please support the war? buy liberty bonds.

Roaring 20s Ford Model T. color Black $319

"The States" Historical Forecast

U.S Goes to War

The U.S enters the war on April 6,1917. To raise an army the selective service act required men at the age of 21-30 to register for the draft. General Pershing went overseas to form the American Expeditionary Forces. To transport forces safely, the convoy system was used (transport ships surrounded bu destroyers and cruisers). Germany,Austria-Hungary,and ottoman empire.The U.S along with Great Britain,France and Italy are fighting used are poison gases,tanks,grenades,machine guns and airplanes. One soldier recalled, "no' one knew what was going to happen next.
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Al Capone and Prohibition

He eliminated all of his competition by killing them. He earned his living by selling illegal alcohol. during prohibition people went to speakeasy's to drink and to have fun with out getting into trouble with the law or getting arrested.
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Babe Ruth is home run king

The "sultan of swat" Babe Ruth, was legendary on the field for his home runs. He was the popular in baseball.

Standard Oil Exposed

Ida Tarbell wrote report condemning the business practice of the standard oil company in McClvres magazine.Tarbell reveled how Jhon D Rockefeller crushed his competition in his quest to gain control over the oil business. Her reports appealed to a middle class readership frightened by the unchecked power of large business such as standard oil
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What a Funny Little Goverment

Rockefeller has the government in his hands and Rockefeller is getting more powerful. In the cartoon picture there are smoke stacks in the background of the capital building. Still today oil companies still have a lot of power.

Jhon B Rockefeller was a superb business leader he bought companies to keep his cost down and his profits high. Some companies included oil refineries,barrel factories,oil fields,oil storage facilities,piplines,railroad cars. By 1879 standard oil refined 90 percent of of all of U.S oil he approached 900 million. Although he was wealthy he gave half of it away and donated 80 million to the university of chicago.

In conclusion Rockefeller has earned his place in Washington DC and should tell the government how to run because his business success could help our country.