FSMS Library

MARCH 2016

Goings On:

During the month of March, many students and teachers prepared for STAAR testing. Those who came to the library prepared for the annual Bluebonnet Book Bowl competition, created in the FSMS Library Makerspace, worked on class projects, voted for which book series should advance in the March Madness of Books, or READ books they checked out of the FSMS Libary!

FSMS - MEF Spring 2016 Grant Recipients!

Two grants were awarded to FSMS educators that will greatly impact students and the FSMS Library services! Thanks, Midlothian Education Foundation!!

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2016 March Madness of Books!

During the 2016 March Madness of Books, FSMS students voted on which of the most checked out books for 2015-16 school year should advance to the Final Four of Books and the ultimate winner - The Divergent series!

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Reading Review Games

Mrs. Crocker's students spread out in the library to play a game finding main ideas & supporting details!

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March 2016 Statistics:

Number of Classes Served through Book Circulation: 25 (for the year = 311)

Number of Classes Served for Curriculum Purposes: 3 direct instruction (for the year = 189); 32 different teachers represented through 134 student sign-ins to the library during the school day to work on assignments/projects &/or to turn in assignments (for the year = 206 teachers represented through 1,277 student sign-ins).

Number of Students from 8:00 - 8:30 a.m. daily: 494 (for the year = 3729)

Number of Students during CROWD (in-school tutorial time; includes Makerspace and Bluebonnet Book Club): 777 (for the year = 4397)

Book Circulation: 2,337 (for the year = 18,944)

Follett Shelf ebooks and eContent: Read/Play Online: 0; Download: 0 (for the year = 355; 6)

Book Intra-library Loans (ILL's):

To FSMS students: 1 (for the year = 23); From FSMS to other MISD campuses = 11 (since Jan. 2016 = 44)

Technology Assistance:

  • technology reservations for teacher-requested devices and/or labs
  • updating and/or installing apps on school iPads
  • some resetting of passwords for students' Edmodo accounts
  • printer issues
  • continued problem-solving issues with Lab 503 & 504, laptops, and iPads