Barbies Impact on Girls

What kind of impact do Barbies have on girls?

Supporting Details:

1. Body shaming - Girls feel the need to put themselves down.

2. Influence - Barbies have a bad influence on girls.

3. Money - Girls spend lots of money on surgery to make them selves look like Barbie.

Body Shaming

Many girls wish that they could have the clothes like barbie and they would fit their bodies the same. One woman was upset that she couldn’t get her dream body (Barbie’s body), so she tried committing suicide. Many people feel the need to put themselves down.


Many woman spend lots on money on surgery to get their bodies to look just like Barbies. One woman was so inspired by her image that she had 20 plastic surgeries and spent close to $55,000 to get her bodies to look like Barbies. People are just wasting their money on their looks and not enjoying the other things in life.


In conclusion I think Barbies are taking and ruining lives in one way or another. People are choosing to revolve their lifestyle around Barbie. However, these past few months haven't been as big of a problem. The Barbie company has came out with new Barbies that come in many different shapes and sizes., which is a more realistic body figure.