Kepler 452b

Come now before it's too late!

Planet Description

It's a planet that is 1400 light years away. It's located in the goldilocks zone. It's the older cousin of Earth. It's older than our Earth. It's 60% bigger than Earth, and the gravity is twice as big. Since it's a rocky planet, it may have volcanoes. The temperatures are very similar to ours. It also almost has the same amount of days like Earth. Some problems that may happen is that there might be no oxygen, but we have oxygen tanks. There might be no animals so we need to take some with us. It's going thru the greenhouse effect.


Diameter:_________________________12,742km/ 21,000km__________________________ _____

Mass:_______________5.9722 x10^24 kg/Unknown_around 4 to 5 times of Earth

Acceleration Due

To Gravity (g):______________________9.8 m/s/s / 18.5 m/s/s________________________ ________

Average Distance

from the Sun:__________________150,000,000Km/98,000,000 miles______________________ ______


Temperature:____________185/331 (min/max) K/_17 degrees______________ ______________

Length of a Day:________________________24 hr./Unknown__________________________

Length of a Year:_________1 year (365.25 Days)/ 1 year (385 days)___________________ _____

Number of Moons:__________________________1/0______________________________________

Number of Rings: 0/0

Age: 15/14

Weight: 220/415

Distance from Earth is 1400 light years away.

If there was a spcaeship that good go at a speed of 0.1c speed it would take 140 years to get there and I would be 155.

The gravitational field can't be answered til we find the mass of the planet.

Rocket schedule

Friday, Feb. 22nd 2222 at 2-7pm

625 Breakneck Road


The rocket leaves at 9pm. It will be the only rocket in New Jersey. The next rocket would come 5 years after this one. If you want to go on the rocket, make sure you don't miss it.