Of Studies

Sir Francis Bacon

"Read not to contradict, nor to believe, but to weigh and consider."

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I believe this quote deals with something that many people of my generation struggle with. Bacon says that people should not study for the sake of putting others down with their knowledge, which is ironically the very reason why many students (and adults) work hard in their studies. Whether it is to gloat and boast or win an argument, a lot of people's motivation for learning is to prove to others of their strength and to get the feeling of having the upper-hand during debates. This quote sets us to see that studying should be for our own intellectual growth, not for starting disputes. I can also relate to this because often times, I find myself wanting to do well in school because I feel the need to do better than the other students or just to get a good grade. What Bacon wrote is very insightful as many people can reflect on their own actions and realize what they've been doing and what they should be doing when studying.