Are NFL athletes getting over-paid?

Ethan Moron

Are NFL players getting over-paid?

NFL players are not getting over-paid, because the amount of work they put into their career and the help and things they give to the community.

A lot of people are concerned about how much NFL athletes are getting paid when they get a contract with a team or extend their contract. There are many reasons why the players aren't being over-paid, like what they put on the line to play the sport they love. Also the life risk they take, any injury can happen while playing that could change the whole rest of their life. Most players don't blow and spend that money stupidly, most players give back to the community and provide for them. Having kid camps, camps that help children grow up and make the correct choices later in life, but most of the camps are football camps helping the kids and giving them tips in football.

Why should NFL athletes get paid?

NFL players should get paid for the work they do on the field and the performance they put on. People think that athletes(NFL players) get paid too much, because they see a high check come out every year. That's not the intent, the players actually have to work for the big check which go to the best. The NFL players put their life on the line while playing the game they love, and risk the horrible injuries that can take place while playing.

Why the NFL players are getting over-paid

A lot of people in this world think that NFL players are getting paid too much, but that is because many reasons. Some reasons are that the players are immature, and waste their money because they blow through their money on stupid stuff. Like a person said..."At the very least, professional athletes that are making the big money, must grow up and prove to America that they can be positive role models for the kids on and off the field. Another reason is that some players get paid more than some doctors which people don't like because the doctors are out there saving lives and the players are just entertaining the fans of the NFL. A person that feels the same way said this...."The majority of the people think athletes are over-paid because they see huge contracts come out every year, but this only happens for the best of the best. It isn't everyday that someone in professional sports gets $20 million a year all of a sudden. They work for it." People also think that the players don't deserve that much money that they get. They think they are just playing to entertain, but an author in an article said..."Most people don't truly realize how much a NFL player sacrifices in order to play the game they love." People think the players have it easy, getting paid then playing, but it't not like that. "Their whole career is basically scheduled for them, they don't have a choice it's part of their contract." They have places to be during the season and they can't be anywhere else.