Function of Transport in Plants

Carter Harrison, Collin Anderson, Bilal Ali, Rebs Kim

Xylem and Phloem

A xylem is a water-conducting tissue

A phloem is a tissue that carries dissolved.

Phloem and xylem are in the vascular cylinder.


Roots receive water and minerals by osmosis. They pass through the epidermis, the endodermis to get to the vascular cylinder. There is a one-way passage of water and nutrients into the vascular cylinder, this produces a force called root pressure which helps the water to rise upward from the root into the stem.

Stems and Leaves

Stems and leaves are linked along everything else that makes it possible for nutrients and other things to run through the stem. It helps support the plant and provides protection, but also is a part of the transportation "rail road" that goes to every part of the plant. Leaves gain what they need from the stem which pulls nutrients from the soil for the plant. The cell walls pull water upward by using cohesion.