The Hate List

By : Jennifer Brown

Summary ~

A young lady named Val, and a young man named Nick. At first they were strangers but soon became much more. She had so many problems at home, and he had so many problems fitting in. They began to hang out a lot and get to know each other, soon after, they had made a promise. "I pinky promise to never reveal the list" said simultaneously. They began writing down every little thing they hated, people too. Jenny Hadley, the rudest girl in school was on their list. A couple days ago, Jenny had broken Val's MP3 player on the bus. The first person Val ran to was Nick. Nick was furious. He spent all that day and night thinking of a way to get back at Jenny. The next day at school started out with one bullet, then two, eventually three. The day ended with a shot to the leg and a brutal suicide. This book is so action packed it is promised to keep anyone who reads it on the edge of their seat.


This book takes place in present day, and in Garvin County.


Watch what you joke about; someone might take it seriously.


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