Spring Clean-Up

March 27

As you will see, you do not have any lessons posted for today, March 27. You will be responsibile for attending your virtual lessons.

You can spend the day doing one or more of the following:

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1. Online Programs

Spend time enjoying one or more of the online programs specific to your grade level.
iRead, Dreambox, Reflex Math, Brain Pop, Achieve 3000 (KidBiz 3000), Tumblebooks, Raz-Kids
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2. Visit Your Local Library

Take a trip to your local library and choose a new "Just Right Book."
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3. Spring Writing

In your writing notebook, respond to one of the prompts below:

a. Relate your 5 senses to spring
  • What do you smell in the spring?
  • What do you see in the spring?
  • What do you hear in the spring?
  • What do you feel in the spring?
  • What do you taste in the spring?

b. What do you think or feel when you take your first spring walk outside?

c. Pretend that 'Spring Fever' is a real illness. Make a list of symptoms that people with Spring Fever would have. Then create a plan to treat the illness!

d. Would you rather spend a spring day hiking in the woods or planting a garden? Why?
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4. Start Working on Your Marking Period 4 Assignments

Get a head start on your upcoming assignments. You can also take time to set academic goals for the new marking period.

Take a look at upcoming events & field trips by clicking HERE.