La Sainte Chapelle

A French monument

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History of La Sainte Chapelle

La Sainte Chapelle (the Holy Chapel) is located in the heart of Paris, slightly west of Notre Dame. It was first built for King Louis but was later sainted. During the French Revolution, the chapel was converted into an administrative office, and the windows were obscured by enormous filling cabinets. This chapel has been a national monument since 1862.

Exploring La Sainte Chapelle


When touring the church, it can usually take an hour. The church also provides a special tour for disabled visitors.

La Sainte Chapelle is one of King Louis IX's greatest achievements. He was able to collect over thirty relics of Christ back in the early 1200's. The chapel has received its share of damage from all of the wars and revolutions throughout the years. What you will see standing this day will be restoration. Experts have strived to restore it to its original glory. Any person who decides to visit this place will be taken in awe. Every single inch of this chapel is a wonderful sight. About two-thirds of the windows are still authentic while the rest have been recreated.

How La Saint Chapelle Came To Be

La Sainte Chapelle is a beautiful little church or chapel in France, on the island in the middle of the city of Paris. King Louis IX , also known as Saint Louis, and his mother, Queen Blanche of Castile, built it between 1241 and 1248 ADAD. King Louis, showing off how rich he was, bought the Crown of Thorns and a piece of the Cross from the Byzantine Emperor, Baldwin III According to Emperor Baldwin, this was the actual Crown of Thorns that Jesus wore on his head during the Crucifixion. Louis paid a fortune for this sacred crown. When the piece of the Cross and the Crown of Thorns arrived at Louis' palace (the old Roman fort in Paris), Louis wanted to build a chapel to keep his crown in. Louis wanted a beautiful chapel that would be worthy of his sacred crown that had touched the skin of Jesus. He was the King. From the outside it seems pretty ordinary, but on the inside it seems to glow. It is mostly stained-glass windows, with hardly any walls. The stone roof seems much too heavy, but there are buttresses outside to hold the roof up.