Survival Guide

Applalachian Mountians-Kentucky

Journey To The Appalachians Moutians

Kentucky Appalachian Mountains home to a small population of people very beautiful place but harsh condition wild animals coyote,bears many more dangerous animal mosquitos that can kill you bad place to live but very nice to hike.

How To Survive The Appalachian Mountains

In order to survive in the Appalachian Mountains you will need supplies . The supplies you should bring are water,food/snacks ,fire starter,bug repellent , shelter "tent",and a weapon to protect you in any wild life. Climates in the Appalachian Mountain can be very harsh especially in the night it's always north wind currents can get very cold but in the south currents can get very warm.There are many dangerous animals like bears,coyotes,snakes, insects like mosquito's that can carry dieses. There are many types of animals in order to survive you need energy deer are good for energy or protein thier are also many rivers and creeks for fish. The temperature range is low the climate is temperate. There are many plants you can add mineral in your water with herbs or plants. Mushshrooms,berries and blueberries are edible thier are many plants that are poisonous like some mushshrooms.
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