Welcome to Active World

Active World, when you are here you are always active!

Here's a little bit about our world

To start you off with on April 7, 2013 my wonderfull teacher Ms. Wittwer announced that we were going to start a project call geo-cities. I was so excided! I soon had chosen my partner to be Kathryn Dunnill we soon started working on our geo-city but we just had one problem. we did not have a name for it we kept on thinking and came up with a varity of names like Fun World, Amusument Ville, Six Flags, The State Fair Of Texas and others but when we came up with Active World it just zapped me and at that point we knew it was the perfect name. Kathryn and I thought is was a great theme name because it fit in with all the things we had built and everything we had built kept you active! . Now i am going to tell you all the things we have incorperated. We have a grassy field that you can run aroound in and play, we also have a soccer field if you and your friends want to play soccer, then we put in snowy mountons that you can climb, and last but not least we had a ferris wheel and when you ride it you can see a perfect view of the whole city! It is April 18, 2013 today is the grand opening of our geo-city Active World I hope you love our city and egt to see and do everything their! By: Clara And Kathryn