Choosing a Credit Card

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What is a credit card

Credit lets you obtain objects without paying for the objects upfront.

Any type of loans that you can get is a form of credit.

Some of the benefits of credit is being able to buy a certain item now even though you dont have enough for it.

Some cost would be that in reality you will be paying more for the item vs if you had all the money saved up.

Basics of a Credit card

A Credit Card is a extended credit service that company offers you and charges you interest based on late fees.

You can use the credit card anywhere they accept the payment of credit card.

Some of the benefits having a credit card is that they offer you a grace period to pay off the items. But you will also be paying more for the same item.

Comparing to Credit cards

Chase Freedom Unlimited℠ VS Blue Cash American Express

  • Chase Freedom Unlimited℠

    Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express


    Credit cards .com

    Annual Fee

    (if any)

    Card 1 No fee

    Card 2 No fee the first year then after the first year it's going to be $95

    Annual % Rate (APR)


    Same for both Grace period 3 months

    Other Fees:

    *Late Payment

    *Returned Check

    *Balance Transfer

    *Cash Advance

    Redeemable for cash anywhere anytime

    Benefits/Special Features/Rewards/Services

    Earn points for doing basic necessity for shopping going out to eat putting gas in your Car. No late fee it wont raise your APR

How to avoid falling in a Credit Trap

  • Use safe websites
  • make sure you can pay off the items on time
  • make sure your aware of the grace period
  • make sure you don't go over your limt
  • Know what your limit is.