Wasting Our Wonderful Water?

By Layla Preston

Where does water come from and what is it used for?

Water is all over the world. Water is from the water cycle .First it evaporates from the ocean, and then the sun takes the water droplets high into the sky. The higher the water goes the colder it gets. Because the water wants to stay warm it forms a cloud. The higher the cloud gets the colder it gets so the cloud shrinks holding the same amount of water and eventually the cloud explodes witch creates rain. That’s how water is created.

Why and how is water wasted?

Water is wasted because people don’t bother trying to save it. Water is wasted by people not pressing the dual flush button on the toilet. The dual flush button on the toilet only uses 5 liters but the one flush button on the toilet uses 11 liters that’s 6 times more than the dual flush. People waste water by leaving the tap on while there brushing their teeth. Is it really that hard to turn the tap on and off? People also waste water by having really long showers. Witch wastes so much water. So make sure to have shorter showers every day.

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What would happen to us or others if we continue to waste water?

If we continue to waste water the health standards might deteriorate because we wouldn’t have water for such things as washing our hands and flushing the toilet. We don’t have an endless supply of water for drinking and we must save it for the future. Water is crucial for life and food.

What can you do or change to ensure you stop wasting water? How can you encourage others to take action?

In the kitchen don’t leave the tap running while washing fruit and vegetables. In the bathroom don’t leave the tap running while you are brushing your teeth, have shorter showers and use the dual flush option on the toilet. In the garden water in the morning or the evening those plants that don’t need much water.