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Original words into this original song, called 1933. On the morning of Friday the 17th , a talented young girl named Arayan shows off her talent. Her own lyrics, and her own composing Of the song 1933. Arayan's song talks about being who you are, and not letting people tell you who to be. In her song it says "I don't want to be, who you want me to be." The song about the 1930's talks about how this time period effected the culture and the people in general. In the 1930's people were looked down upon to if they different.

To write a song that meets the requirements for this project is big. An ELA project that talks about the history and culture, this song definitely meets the standards. Young Arayan shows her talents through the use of song. Arayan said "There is nothing that can hold you back so instead of being who everyone wants you to be, I stress that you can be anything you want to be."


Getting Back Up

During 7th hour the Aquarius house has lunch. After lunch all the people go outside for recess. During this time some of the boys play football or four square. After lunch the kids go out side to get a ball from the ball cart. This is a way for people to burn off some energy from being inside for a long time. This all takes place out side in the parking lot at Bay View middle school.

On this day, April 8th, there were two kids running. All of a sudden they collided. One of the two kids was thrown to the ground. After the hit, he looked like he didn't want to get up. The look on his face showed he was in pain. That's when the one who was still up, Tristin saw what he had hurt Taylor. Tristin rushed over to Taylor to help him up. They continued the game, as Tristin kept an eye on Taylor to make sure he was okay. Even if someone knocks you down, it turns out that they can help you back up in the end.

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Middle school Track begins

On Tuesday April seventh Bayview middle school started hosting track. Track is a sport that takes place after school, in the spring. Both eighth graders and seventh grades join. After school the participants are required to change into gym clothes. Then they report to the gym. Each kid is allowed to participate if the max of four events. You could tell by their faces that most students were exited for track to start. As coach Shultz says "track is a great way to burn off energy and stay in shape." A lot of people are happy to start this new sport, and have fun.