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May 16th, 2016

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On the lighter side of EOY chaos....

We will continue our Annual EOY Blooper Awards for JCB staff! Awards will take place during our staff luncheon in the cafeteria on June 1st, 12:45-1:45 p.m. If you have any BLOOPERS for yourself or your co workers please send them to me. There will be laptop, speakers and projector available if your Blooper is accompanied by pictures or video.

Disclaimer: Be sure Bloopers are approved by your peers. :)

Upcoming Events

College/Career Awareness Week

Custodial/Cafeteria Appreciation Week

Monday May 16th Yellow 4-Payless measure students for shoes (1st grade), Kona Ice for fundraiser party, Bridal Party for Ms. Campos 3:45 Library

Tuesday May 17th Green 5-Visit from RMS Athletics Department: All of 5th grade will meet in the gym at 9:45 for about 15-20 minutes,

Wednesday May 18th Blue 1-JPS Dental Clinic, Adventure Fun Run Fundraiser begins,

Thursday May 19th Purple 2 -JPS Dental Clinic, Last day for ASPIRE, Learning Ally Information Meeting-Audience Parents of Dyslexia Student, Mrs. Padilla's bridal shower after school

Friday May 20th Red 3-JPS Dental Clinic, 3rd grade field trip, Teacher library books due

Shout Outs!

Special thanks to Mrs. Smith for making the STAAR testing days so smooth with the super organized..... well EVERYTHING!!

Thank you teachers for your flexibility with your schedule this week!

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Brittany's Corner

Hope everyone had a peaceful, relaxing weekend! I got to meet Lance Armstrong and "ride" with him! Regardless of his infamous background, it was a super cool experience.

I wanted to say THANK YOU from the very, very bottom of my heart for everyone's help and cooperation this past week. I am glad it's all behind us and I couldn't do it without each and every one of you! Y'all make me SO proud to be a Bobcat!

Schedule for Next Year
Ok, so the time is near... The time we put this year behind us and start thinking ahead for next year. At your next grade level meeting, I would like for y'all, as a team, to complete the form below. This form let's you express your preferences for next year's schedule:
*Just one form per grade level needs to be submitted.

In addition to the form, I would like a few staff members to help be a part of creating the schedule for next year. If you would be interested in serving on the "scheduling committee," please let me know. We will meet before the school year ends.

Textbook Inventory
Just wanting to give you a heads up for textbook inventory. I will need to come around and count each of your textbooks for inventory purposes. This will most likely not be until the last week two weeks of school.
  • If you know a student has lost a textbook, please let me know this week.
  • When I do come around to check textbooks(not consumables), I would like them to be on your shelves in groups of 5 (5 vertical, 5 horizontal, rinse, lather, repeat). If you do not have shelves, please place them in groups of 5 in a place that is easy for me find/access.
  • Again, just giving you a heads up. You do not have to get your books ready just yet as I know some of you are still using your textbooks daily.

Jeff's Corner

Getting to Know You: Mystery Person of the Week

* Born and raised: South and East of here

* Universitied at TCU and MPR

* Hobbies Include gardening and cleaning the house (It relaxes me...)

* Favorite Books include: any science fiction; dystopian genre

* Favorite Vacations: 10 days traveling through Spain

* Bucket List trips: Take the America by rail train vacation, through the national parks!

* An embarrassing moment: I was translating at an important meeting. The directors looked at me funny. I realized I was speaking the wrong language!

* Favorite movies include Silence of the Lambs; Shawshank Redemption; Beaches (w. Bette Midler )

* Like most as teacher: The kids faces lighting up at how happy they are to be here!

* Proud times: Getting Master's Degree and Principal Certification

Favorite musical group or type of music: '80's

* Like most about JCB: Amazing teachers and staff!

* Tidbit: I proposed to my now husband! I got a ring, and let HIM know we were engaged!

Like most about your team: They are so easy going; everyone works so hard and contributes to the team

* Favorite foods: Italian

* Tidbit: Have spent a lot of time in Panama

Email me your guess by noon tomorrow. The winning guesses will go in the drawing for a jeans pass!! And 1 or 2 herb plants or flower.
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