Foreign Affairs

Withdrew Australia's Remaining Troops From Vietnam

What was the reform?

On its seventh day in power, the Whitlam Government announced the withdrawal of Australia's remaining troops from Vietnam. The Government officially ended Australia's involvement in the war on January 11, 1973.

Why was it introduced

It was introduced because Whitlam described the war as "disastrous and deluded." He advocated a negotiated peace settlement, and the deescalation of the conflict.

Who did the reform target?

The reform targeted the Australian troops still in Vietnam.

Who would support the reform?

Most of the Australian public and obviously the troops and their families.

What would the positive impacts be?

The positive impacts were that the troops got to return home to their families and Australia would no longer be involved in the Vietnam war.

Who would oppose the reform?

Possibly the liberal government as they were the reason troops went to Vietnam in the first place.

What would/ could the negative impacts be?

Australia would no longer be supporting other countries (such as America) in the war.