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March 24th- Spring Break!!!!!

Math Block structure can be designed like Reading Block structure

I get such a wonderful view of the great instruction that is taking place throughout our building! Our balanced Math instruction is getting stronger and stronger throughout our building. I thought it might help some of you to think of the following; When you think of Math Block, I have found it may be helpful to connect it to Reading Block. In Reading Block you have Read Aloud, Shared Reading, Workshop ( Mini lesson, Active Engagement, Independent practice (small group or conferring), reflection/group share). Take this model and apply it to math.

In Balanced Math we are to have Problem Solving in all grades every day and integration of Number Sense, Math Fluency and Maintenance, and Inspecting Equations. You can think of your Math Block as Problem Solving, Inspecting Equations/Number sense, and then Workshop- Mini Lesson, Active Engagement, Independent practice ( small group or conferring) and group share/reflection. If you do stations, you can add Fluency practice or number sense in depending on your grade level to make sure students are getting good doses!

Math Block, reading block and writing block, can all mimic each other in structure.

I know structure is important. I do want us to think about the who we are serving! The who and what is where we should start. Who are we teaching? Students who are at all different levels and they require differentiation. What are we teaching? We use our math units of study and standards to guide our instruction. The standards should be the guiding document to begin your planning.

I know the Math Block- Balanced math has been a change over the past three years! I applaud you for your hard work in making this transition! You really are rocking it out! If you still have questions or wonders, feel free to email us. Kelly and Jeanine are accepting visitors to observe and join in at any time!!! Email Fatima is you would like to observe!


Mon- Christi at ADMIN in AM

Tues- Dress like a Book Character; RTI in K-2

Wed- Faculty Meeting- 7:45- Teams are meeting in Jeanine's Room (3rd-4th) and Jacki's room (k-2);

at 8:15 we will go to Cassi's room for Dr. Loane on consumption and production of technology; Board meeting at 7:00PM

Thurs- Early Childhood Transition Meetings; Elementary Learning Fairs 4:30-7:00




Wed- Christi at ADMIN in AM



Pic: Ms. Barmore dancing to Beauty and the Beast- Be our Guest!

Math practices to think about...

Recently, I sat in with GES teachers for a math training. Take time to discuss this in your PLC.

Why are these practices in the best interest of our students?

1. ALWAYS use a pen in math.

2. If you make a mistake, circle it and write "no". Mistakes tell us information and patterns. Welcome mistakes. We learn from mistake. We don't have to be perfect!

3. Use AT LEAST two strategies.

4. You must be able to explain your strategies conceptually.

GES - expected

5. Read, Plan, Solve, Check, Explain

6. Process standards must be covered K-4

7. Say good bye to HW; REPEATING---- Say good bye to HW; MINIMIZE!

8. Just right numbers

9. Use a number line that shows negatives and positives K-4 ( Next year)-- more to come from Dr. Loane on this


Topics from ADMIN

1. Enrollment is now online!!!! Direct new neighbors or families to the HSE website!

2. Board meeting on Wednesday with 1-1 vote.

Earth Day Schedule

Earth Day will have Be kind theme:

Be kind to the Earth- master gardener talk (then kids will plant flowers, a class)

Be kind to yourself- eat healthy foods you grow (Each student will get to plant a tomato seed and take it home to grow-they will use recycled milk cartons)

Be kind to each other-kids will make a kindness card and be encouraged to do a random act of kindness

There will also be a snack as well as jump ropes and sidewalk chalk. The schedule is below. Let me know if you have any questions!


Wednesday, April 20th (Raindate- Thursday, April 21st)

Kindergarten 10:30- 11:30

1st Grade 1:00- 2:00

2nd Grade 11:45- 12:45

3rd Grade 9:15- 10:15

4th Grade 2:15- 3:15

Jeans next week? Make sure to put up your post in seesaw!!!! Scan the QR code below

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Honor and Excellence- DEADLINE IS WEDNESDAY

You have until March 24th to recognize an outstanding support staff member in our building. Please use the following link

Helping out Nicole Harbron

Nicole has her new chemo drug. First dose was rough but she is staying optimistic! She is hoping dose two will be a little easier! Thanks for all you are doing! See the following link for her food delivery!

Thanks for loving on her!

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