Miss Cleasby's 4K News

News for the week of November 19th

Thanksgiving Theme

This short two day week we will continue with our "Families/Thanksgiving" Theme. This Tuesday (November 20th) is our "Thanksgiving Feast". We will be dressing up like Pilgrims and Native Americans and having a feast together. We will be learning about the first Thanksgiving and we will be singing Thanksgiving Songs. Thank you to those of you sending in feast items or helping out in class that day!
Below is a video of the Jolly Phonics songs in order and grouped by the way we learn them. We have so far learned the sounds in group 1 : (S,A,T,I, P,N) and C and K from group 2.
Group 1 2 3 4 ordenado

Star of the Week A.M.- Ava

Super job as "Star of the Week" Ava! Great job showing the class some of your special stuffed animals and dolls. Thanks for having your mom visit and show your pet gecko Rango! Our next "Star of the Week" will be Arden on November 26-30.

Star of the Week P.M. Shiras

Great job as "Star of the Week" Shiras! Shiras brought some visitors to class on Friday. Her dad, grandma, grandpa, and her sister came to visit. Her sister and her grandma read us some wonderful books. We also got to meet her dog Guthrie. Our next "Star of the Week" will be Natalie on November 26-30.

Reminders/Upcoming Events

*There is no school this week Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday due to Thanksgiving Break. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Break everyone!

*The week of November 26th we will begin a unit on "The Gingerbread Man". We will be reading many of the different versions and comparing them in class. We will also be participating in a "Gingerbread Exchange" where we will decorate 15 different paper gingerbread men and we will be sending them to different Pre-K classes around the United States. We will send them out on November 30th and then we will begin receiving different gingerbread men from other classes. This will be a fun activity that is also an introduction to geography, as we will be pointing out different states on the map that our gingerbread men arrived from.