Adams Apple

August 2017

Welcome Back

Dear Families,

Welcome back to a Fantastic School year! We sincerely hope everyone had a wonderful summer break. It is hard to believe that we are in our second full week of school. Congratulations to you and our staff for making our opening of school seamless and smooth. We would like to welcome you to continue our theme with the 7 Habits of Happy Kids, by Sean Covey while putting a focus on Habit #5: Seek first to understand before being understood-Empathy. Our focus this year is to continue our excellent academic success, but also to remember the WHOLE CHILD as we are learning.

August is a busy month with Back to School activities. Teachers are working with students to introduce procedures within the school setting. We are a PBIS school (Positive Behavior Intervention Supports.) Our teachers teach mini-lessons on desired behaviors and celebrate with students who get caught “doing the right thing.” Our students learn to “Be a Star with the Three R’s”. Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Ready!

I encourage you to send your students on the school bus. Our buses are not full and the ride is not very long to and from school. Our rider line is long and does back up traffic on Stop 11 Road. If you do drive your student to school, thank you for following our car rider procedures. Procedures are included in this edition of the Adams Apple. The process moves faster each day when everyone follows the proper procedures. Safety is our number one priority for all of our students. Following procedures for car rider and student pick up/drop off is very important. We have also included our parent visitation policy.

Lastly, I want to thank all of the families who came to our Ice Cream Social to Adams. We will be holding another Parent Night, sponsored by our PTS on Monday July 7. Each grade level has a specific time scheduled to hear from the teacher. The times are:

5:00-5:20 Kindergarten

5:25-5:45 1st grade

5:50-6:10 2nd grade

6:15-6:35 3rd grade

6:40-7:00 4th grade

7:05-7:25 5th grade

Everyone has been kind, patient, and generous. I truly feel like I have come home to an amazing school family. Thank you for strengthening our school/home partnership. If you ever need assistance, please call me at 862-2065. I am so excited about serving your children this year.

Always learning,

Mrs. Schoene

Existing Student Registration

Existing Students

It is important that we have updated information on your returning FTCSC student, including health information, consent to treat if ill, emergency contact information, etc. Information may now be updated at home using the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. We will no longer be sending paper packets for you to complete. Please log onto your Infinite Campus Parent Portal and follow the steps below:

If you do not have your Infinite Campus PARENT portal log on information, please e-mail from an e-mail account registered with the school. Please note, the request must come from the registered email address to verify identities.

A Note from the Nurse...

Welcome Back!

This is the first year the consent to care for the clinic and health conditions are part of the online registration for your student (all students- even returning students complete this online). I have to have your permission/consent to care completed prior to caring for your student in the clinic. If you have not completed the online registration for your returning student, PLEASE do so as soon as possible. Instructions for doing this are included in this newsletter. If you have any questions, please feel free to call and discuss (317)860-4289.

The medication policy states that students in elementary school are NOT allowed to carry medication to or from school. This means that parents need to bring the medication to school and sign the permission to administer in the clinic. Prescription medications need to have the prescription from the doctor still attached when medication is brought to school. If the medication needs to come home, an adult will need to come pick it up. If your student needs emergency medication at school for asthma, seizures, or food allergies, please be sure they are brought to school as soon as possible for their safety.

At the beginning of each year, I review all the health concerns forms that you submit to the clinic (this year by online registration). If your child has a medically diagnosed food allergy (or you suspect they need one diagnosed), seizure disorder, or asthma, we have an action plan that your doctor completes yearly so that we can take the best care of your student while at school. Please contact me if you need a copy of one of these forms for your child, or I can fax a copy to your doctor if preferred. If your child develops a health condition later in the year, please update me as needed.

A review of guidelines for keeping your child home from school includes one or more of the following symptoms: vomiting, diarrhea, undiagnosed body rash, severe coughing, eye discharge or redness, or fever of 100 degrees or more. Please do not send the child back to school until he/she has been fever-free (without fever-reducing medications) and with no vomiting/diarrhea for 24 hours. Antibiotics which have been prescribed for eye or throat infections must have been given for 24 hours before the student returns to school. This will help prevent the spread of infection to others. If any questions regarding these guidelines, please call me in clinic at 860-4289 or email at

It's been fun to meet new students and catch up with the taller returning kids. I'm happy to be back as the Adam's school nurse! I'm the full time Mon-Fri nurse this year. Nurse Jenny is now a nurse at Greenwood Middle School. If you have any questions or want to update me to anything in regards to your child's health needs at school, feel free to call or email. I'm looking forward to a great year of helping your child be well to learn.

THANK YOU! Have a great weekend.

Mrs. Natalie Davis, RN


A Note from the Counslor

What does the counselor do?

  • I love working with kids!! Talking with them, celebrating their successes, helping them with problems, and even just saying “good morning” as they get off the bus each morning.
  • I try to establish a rapport with each student so as to help them feel comfortable with me in case we ever need to talk together. Hopefully students see the counselor as a caring adult they can talk to.
  • I help students learn social skills: getting along with others, making good decisions, solving problems/conflicts, controlling anger, accepting responsibility, etc.
  • I work with children individually, in small groups, and in classroom guidance lessons.
  • I help students who are facing particular difficulties that might be affecting them at school (family disruptions such as illness, death, or divorce.)
  • I work with teachers to help your child be successful at school.
  • I help parents with their concerns about their children and help them find resources, if needed.
  • I help coordinate the school’s “SOS” program. When a student is struggling in school, even after strategies have been put in place to help, our teachers make a referral. A team of teachers, along with the parent, use a problem solving approach to brainstorm interventions to help a student improve.

When would a child see the counselor?

  • When a student asks; when the teacher or principal asks me to work with a child; when a parent asks me to speak with their child; when the counselor invites a student.
  • When I meet with the class for a guidance lesson or activity. I meet with every class at least 1 time per grading period.
  • When a small group meets for a specific area of need. Some topics that could be addressed through small groups are: adjustment to parents’ divorce/separation; social skills; handling anger; ADHD management, etc. A parent’s permission is sought for small group participation.
  • In the hallway when we smile and give “quiet waves.”

What does the counselor do when she meets with a child?

  • Talk, draw a picture, play a game, eat lunch
  • Listen to the student and help develop a plan to make things better

Will I know if my child sees the counselor?

  • Children are encouraged to tell their parents when they meet with me. If they meet with a small group they may talk about what they learned or did but they are encouraged not to discuss what other children say.
  • I do not call parents every time I meet with a student, but I have the practice of telling parents what I think they need to know so they can take care of their child.
  • If I am concerned that a child is being hurt, or could get hurt, I need to make the appropriate calls to ensure the child’s safety. This is mandated by law.

How do I contact the counselor?

wCall 860-4257 for my direct line wE-mail:

If you have a concern about your child, please do not hesitate to contact me. I do not promise to have all the answers but I certainly will do everything I can to help.


Ms. McCafferty

Att: 5th Graders

Dear Parents and 5th Grade Students,

The 5th grade students at Adams Elementary will have the opportunity to participate in Student Council this year.

If you would like to be a member of the Student Council, please sign and return the permission slip to Miss Roberts or Mrs. Rairdan ASAP.

PERMISSION SLIPS are due NO LATER than FRIDAY August 11, 2017. These papers are coming home on Friday August 4th.

We look forward to our time together this year!


Mrs. Rairdan and Miss Roberts

Thank You!

Because of your generosity Adams Elementary was able to contribute $898 to Officer Aaron Allen's family.
Visitor Pre-Registration

Please be prepared to show a picture ID when you visit our school. Visitors may save time by using the above link to preregister. Please note that this is different from the paid background check for volunteers.

Back to School Night

August 7th please come the back to school night sponsored by the PTS. The sessions will meet in your child’s classroom during the following times:

5:00-5:20 Kindergarten

5:25-5:45 1st Grade

5:50-6:10 2nd Grade

6:15-6:35 3rd Grade

6:40-7:00 4th Grade

7:05-7:25 5th Grade

Please feel free to stop at the cafeteria to meet with our STEM Scouts representatives about a new club opportunity.

Pay textbook rental online here

Textbook Rental is due August 11th. Cash or check accepted at school. Credit cards payments use link. Partial payment arrangements can be made by calling the school office. If you qualify for free text books, please disregard any notices sent home.

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Order Adams Elementary Spirit

Spirit Wear in now on sale until August 11th. Use the above link to order online. School ID # 198878