Sky diving

Sky diving causes poluson to the entrancement because to sky dive you need to be up in the air this involves using n aeroplace aeroplanes cause politician by burning foul to get up in the sky

also noise poluson the planes make lot of noise when taking off and landing


trekking causes poluson to the entrancement because to get to the nice place to walk you will need to drive and driving will be burning foul so you can move but away to make less poluson is to sheave a life or get a bus

Also when people are trekking they will need to eat food and with out bins out there they will drop the litter but they could add bin to stop this but then it would runon the land scap having bin place around


kayaking causes poluson to the entrancement because when people get suck out at sea with the wrong equipment they have to call the life guard if its bad they will use the helicopter which has to burn more foul then a boat to haver to save then in the water

also whne there are out on the sea and they need to have a snack there willnot have room to put there rubbish so they will leave in in the water