Types of Mining

Calvin Spaugh

Surface Mining

Surface mining is when dirt and rocks are removed from the surface to get to the minerals

Subsurface Mining

subsurface mining consist of digging tunnels and shafts to get to the minerals

Types of Surface Mining

Strip Mining- When rock dirt and minerals are excavated from a hill side. Usually to get coal and sedimentary rocks. This destroys wild animals habitats and trees.

Open Pit Mining- A technique of removing rock and soil from an open pit or burrow. This makes big ugly holes.

Mountain Top Removal- Involves removing the top of the mountain(up to 400 ft.) to get coal. This will also destroy animals habitats.

Types of Subsurface Mining

Slope Mining- It is a method of getting ores. A slope access shaft goes down under ground to get to the minerals.

Drift Mining- Drift is more of as term. It means a nearly horizontal passage in a mine following a bed of ore.

Shaft Mining- A method of excavating a vertical tunnel from the top down.

None of these techniques of mining will cause major affects to the environment.


Fracking is drilling into the Earth with a high pressure water mixture to release gas. The gas then goes back up the well to be collected. Fracking is not good for the environment because is waste trillions of gallons of water. Fracking also contaminates drinking water, causing damage to your body. It also releases gases into the atmosphere causing acid rain and a lot of ozone.