2016 Open Enrollment

Nov 17, 2015 | Daily Progress Update

Nov 2 - Nov 16 Open Enrollment Stats

The daily report has been posted to the Common X Drive > HR & Benefits > 2016 Benefits > Open Enrollment Reporting 11.17.xls.

This report reflects employees who need to complete their 2016 medical plan enrollment election (enroll or decline). Even if employees do not wish to make any changes, they must still go online to confirm their 2016 medical benefits. The second tab of the workbook contains the Barometer stats for each location. This report may not include all status updates from PAN's submitted in the past 24-48 hours that have not been processed yet.

As of today, Nov 17, we are at 92% completion companywide and the Benefits Team will continue to work with location who have not yet meet the IRS required threshold.

Open Enrollment Grace Period (Nov 17 - Jan 31, 2016)

We are now in the grace period for Open Enrollment with benefits effective Jan 1, 2016. This means an employee may submit a one-time correction during 11/17/15 – 1/31/16 for effective date Jan 1, 2016. Employees who missed the Open Enrollment online window or who are on leave of absence and need a paper enrollment form, may complete one during this timeframe.

Any correction forms submitted after Dec 18, 2015 will owe retro deductions since this is the cutoff date for the first payroll run of the new year.

Open Enrollment Correction Forms are now available on the Common X Drive > HR & Benefits > 2016 Benefits > Open Enrollment

Avoiding IRS Penalties in 2016 and Beyond

As we move in to the new year, your location will also be held accountable for the 95% threshold for all newly benefit eligible employees.

It will be critical for each location to assist new employees and those who experience status changes to full-time to walk them through the online enrollment or paper process, as applicable, or their location will face the IRS penalty.

Personnel Action Forms (PAN)

Timely PANs are critical to each locations budget, benefit eligibility, IRS reporting, company reports, state/federal law, unemployment and employee morale.

We are receiving a large amount of status change PANs which is great! Clean data means better reporting. However, due to Health Care Reform and other employment related laws we are unable to go back farther than 30-days for an effective date.

We will work with each location to revise effective dates on the PANs and coordinate benefits within the guidelines of the law.

PANs are important and ultimately affect your budget and employee moral:

  • PTO / Time off Accruals - accruals and payouts in accordance with state laws
  • Health Care Benefits - there are laws under Health Care Reform
  • Benefit Continuation - Health Care Coverage Continuation under COBRA rights employees must be provided if qualifying
  • Employer Paid Life Insurance - Even a full-time employee who was not enrolled in our health care plans, is automatically enrolled in employer paid life insurance which means these monies affects your budget.
  • Unemployment benefits
  • and more!


In 2016 we will provide locations with a Status Audit Report to empower you with information on how many hours employees at your location are working to retain their current status (Full-time, Part-Time, Limited Part-Time, On-Call). This will be provided on a quarterly basis (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct) and create greater visibility to your employees working hours and status so you may make corrections to hours or statuses as needed.

Thank you Benefit Ambassadors

Thank you for being an extension of the Prestige Plus Benefits team and for the work you do at your location to assist employees in navigating the online enrollment process. You help make this process a success!

Below is a picture of the Benefits Team at Central Support:

Top Row: Susan Christian and Wendy DeHaart

Middle Row: Sarah Falkenstein, Tawnie McCarter, Angela Fischman

Bottom Row: Kaitlin Kwiatkowski

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First Five Competition Results

Keep a lookout for an invite for Nov 23 for the Benefit Ambassador Competition Drawing event!

CNL Managed Communities First Five!

  1. Rosemont
  2. Bridgewood
  3. High Desert
  4. Huntington Terrace
  5. West Hills

CHR Managed Communities First Five!

  1. Brighton Court
  2. Gresham
  3. Fox Hollow

PCI ALF First Five!

  1. Henderson
  2. Living Court
  3. Marysville
  4. Mira Loma
  5. Hazel Dell

PCI SNF First Five!

  1. Clarkston
  2. Propac - Kent
  3. Advanced Home Health
  4. Timberview
  5. Sunnyside

Buildings Reaching 100% for employee who have "online enrollment" access

Report as of 7:30am today


  • Auburn Meadows
  • Beaverton Hills
  • Camas
  • Centralia
  • Creswell
  • Homewood Heights
  • Hood River
  • Legends Park
  • Linda Vista
  • Manteca
  • McKay Creek
  • McMinnville
  • Orchard Heights
  • Orchards
  • Park Forest
  • Parkside
  • Porthaven
  • Reedwood
  • Richland
  • Summerplace
  • Visalia
  • Yamhill Valley Home Health

Picture Below: Darcia Porter and Noemi Wiseman at McKay Creek!

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