Avid semester Exam


Thought Bubble #1

As i grew through the semester i learn many materials for more advance study methods for my later years which i glad i took Avid because I been learning to be more organize.

We had learn many methods to be above average intellect of the grade we our in so we can be prepare for our age in college.The most material for us in college had to be Cornell notes for studying about the class we are in and pass the class from studying our Cornell notes.

Thought Bubble #2

The key we need to know how to be ready for college has to be A note taking method call Cornell notes which will help us in college and this grade.We use Cornell notes in Avid because of the easy note taking way and also how much information we get on the notes then regular paper notes.We use notes for grade studying in classes we struggle in and also we may not get all information but our classmates will help.

Thought Bubble #3

Organization is A key based element we Avid students use for we can keep track of important papers like paper due today and Cornell notes.Organization is going to stay around us in are everyday life till college and when we are adults because it's a helpful ability to have.We use organization for we will always be prepare what is going to happen later in the future.

Thought Bubble #4

For us Avid student to grow into being A men/women we need to help people in need that live in pain and suffering in the streets. Us Avid students will do what it takes to put A smile on someones face that is why we volunteer for community service.We want to give to people who needs help because we need be the age to stop being afriad to help someone that is terrify and hungry

Thought Bubble #5

For we can advance more in A class we struggle in A lot we Avid students do tutorials on Tuesday and also Thursdays with our table peers. We do tutorials in Avid because we can learn more in the class we struggle but also are table peers can learn things from you in their class they struggle in. We use tutorials for we can get a little bit of information about the class but we can also reflect about the mistakes we made in our papers we can re correct.

Thought Bubble #6

When we do tutorials we need to do it on a paper that is call A TRF which will help us understand what to do in A problem from our class we struggle in.On the paper we put the class we need help in and also if there is A certain problem that is to difficult to do by yourself.When we are done with we the TRF we check over what we wrote in every box and also if we have a strong sentence for POC.

Thought Bubble #1 (second question)

To grow in these area's i need to study more how to make good notes, TRF's, and organization plan to be A better student of every area.For I can be A better person in organization i can put my papers in the oldest date to the newest date so I can remember were my pages will be at.To get better at notes I can ask my class if they have any new information on the notes we took today but i wasn't there.

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